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posted 16 July 2007 02:11 AM      Profile for moondust     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
To whom it may concern, I am Canadian citizen without criminal record.

I fled Canada 2005 with foreign partner of many years Mr. X. who resided in Canada for 40 some years, we are in EU where Mr X was born.

Mr X was victim of terrorist harassment in Canada, from municipal provincial federal and civilians since 1987 or so.
He never was into politics, cults, religion, been physically disabled for some time.

Moving in that town in his late twenties, his criminal record was bare: 1 speeding ticket, 1 mischief, now looks like: Bin Laden via malitious prosecutions etc.
Partner collected official documents of what was being done to him for 20 years lawyering himself.
We had mailed original documentation to EU.

All distilled now, 5 p. typed manuscript, backed with sufficient legal documents, hand picked from massive pile, exclusively points of law, summary description of each exhibit and what each proves.

Proof re 1994, Attempted murder, sanctioned and covered up via cc 736 and 141 ( 2 ) by the Attorney General of Canada and his agents. with no cause nor justification.

Laws such as 736 and 141 ( 2 ) of the Canadian criminal code, used to terrorise and distroy civilians.

cc 736 a program of the Attorney General where criminal does deeds on contract for the Ministry of Justice.

cc 141 ( 2 ) the Attorney General allowed to refuse to prosecute
anyone part of his programs ie: 736.

Mr X' s constitutional legal rights were all being systematically, violated with no cause nor justification

Proof re 1998 Mr X arrested and charged with imaginary crime and about same day, (months before kangooroo court appearance), labeled a national security risk, refused to give him a trial, twice, put gag order on his appeal in Supreme Court ( but kept the label and used it against him over and over, like he had been found guilty, until now).

2002, May 29 the Crown realised Mr X could prove the 1994 hitman who tried murdering MrX and failed, was sent by the Attorney General.

2002 Oct 30, Other documented attack, using a German national with service papers from the German Attorney General...

The swat team summoned by German was on its way, we inadvertently aborted operation, had we not... Bernard Bastien was shot by swat team in Canada, claiming having the wrong address.

A year later, Mr X had been charged criminally over a civil matter, for taking a fence down on his yard, but they had to let him win or he would send Canadian property laws back to wild west, what a laugh, but via this unrelated charge, we got the info re: German

Being handed a misplaced police log mentioning the call the German made to swat team , complaining about weapons (he himself had planted on my husband' s property), as if they were ours...also shows the reason it failed.

Oddly from the day we aborted their plan, we never heard anything from the police again , until this odd paper a year later, while 2 months after the main event, we found and returned the weapons etc to the police, got a receipt, and found and still have the German' s original sevice paper from the German Attorney General plus some expired identification.

Did Germany know their official professional exchange human confidential source was to perform act of aggression against a foreign investor from reputable EU country?

Mr X trapped in Canada all his life, been told he was only Canadian and could never move back to his country in EU.

2003 EU Consulate disagreed and said Mr X never stopped being EU
Technically Mr X never been Canadian !

After 20 years, and one last fabricated charge Jul 2005, Mr X decided to abandon all his possessions, duplex house, paid for, in a recreational area and fled with me to EU.

Mr X cannot sponsor me to EU, his assets remained in Canada, his physical condition doesn't allow him to work in his trade.

I am Canadian but dread going back to Canada, besides wanting to be close to Mr X, am known for being privy to Mr X' s story and evidence, my name is all over for help I provided and much commotion created, alerting Ministry of Foreign Affairs in EU, the RCMP have taken my picture and filmed me when not being charged nor arrested for anything.
Been relocating an average every 2 months.

PS: see also my post on the " national news " page ( coroner' s inquest into RCMP murder of suspect )

From: NFA | Registered: Jul 2007  |  IP: Logged
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posted 18 July 2007 06:38 AM      Profile for quelar     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Aren't you supposed to ask me for my bank information so you can get Mr. X's money out of Canada?

Seriously though, is there something you are hoping for here, or is it just a general information?

From: In Dig Nation | Registered: Jun 2002  |  IP: Logged
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posted 19 July 2007 10:48 AM      Profile for scooter     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Originally posted by moondust:
I fled Canada...

Conrad, is that you?

From: High River | Registered: Apr 2004  |  IP: Logged
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posted 25 August 2007 07:50 AM      Profile for abnormal   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Aren't you supposed to ask me for my bank information so you can get Mr. X's money out of Canada?

No, I think you're supposed to volunteer to go meet him with a few thousand dollars and several gold Rolex's in hand. Then he'll turn over the keys to the warehouse where the money is stored.

From: far, far away | Registered: Aug 2001  |  IP: Logged
flight from kamakura
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posted 02 September 2007 12:04 PM      Profile for flight from kamakura     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Hah, a pretty clever handle/name though: "moondust". You know, like those old moon-dust scams! A wry and somewhat ironic way of representing himself. Very post-modern of you sir, Warholian, even.

[ 02 September 2007: Message edited by: flight from kamakura ]

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