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Author Topic: Winter™
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posted 21 October 2008 01:49 PM      Profile for TemporalHominid   Author's Homepage        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Last year the federal government passed the Olympic™ and Paralympics™ Marks Act which extends intellectual property protection to 58 trademarks, as well as a series of expressions such as
"Games 2010™", "Winter™," "Gold™," and "Silver™"

Everytime Canadians use the word Winter™, in speech, in print, in music or art they now must pay for use


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posted 21 October 2008 02:01 PM      Profile for kropotkin1951   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Well this WINTER I am going to Northern BC to prospect for GOLD and SILVER. Hopefully by 2010 I will have at least as many staked claims as I have now on the OLYMPIC Peninsula in Washington State.
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posted 21 October 2008 02:38 PM      Profile for TemporalHominid   Author's Homepage        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Canada is having a fire-sale apparently.

Trademark protection has also been extended to two phrases

With glowing hearts™

Des plus brillants exploits™

borrowed from Canada's national anthem chosen as the mottoes for the 2010 Olympic™ and Paralympic™ Winter™ Games™. The phrases were recently trademarked by the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee™.

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M. Spector
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posted 21 October 2008 08:06 PM      Profile for M. Spector   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
The Olympic and Paralympic Marks Act lists in "Schedule 1" the fully protected trademarks:

1. Canadian Olympic Committee
2. Canadian Paralympic Committee
3. Citius, Altius, Fortius
4. Comité international olympique
5. Comité international paralympique
6. Comité olympique canadien
7. Comité paralympique canadien
8. Faster, Higher, Stronger
9. International Olympic Committee
10. International Paralympic Committee
11. Jeux olympiques
12. Jeux paralympiques
13. L’esprit en mouvement
14. Olympia
15. Olympiad
16. Olympiades
17. Olympian
18. Olympic
19. Olympic Games
20. Olympics
21. Olympie
22. Olympien
23. Olympique
24. Olympiques
25. Paralympiad
26. Paralympiades
27. Paralympian
28. Paralympic
29. Paralympic Games
30. Paralympics
31. Paralympien
32. Paralympique
33. Paralympiques
34. Plus vite, plus haut, plus fort
35. Spirit in Motion
- plus four graphic logos.

"Schedule 2" lists trademarks that are protected until the end of 2010:

1. Canada 2010
2. Canada’s Games
3. Comité d’organisation des Jeux olympiques et paralympiques d’hiver de 2010 à Vancouver
5. Games City
6. Jeux de Vancouver
7. Jeux de Whistler
8. Jeux du Canada
9. Les Jeux entre mer et ciel
10. Sea to Sky Games
11. Vancouver 2010
12. Vancouver Games
13. Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
15. Ville des Jeux
16. Whistler 2010
17. Whistler Games
- plus two graphic designs

Words like Gold, Silver and Bronze are not trademarked under the Act, but they are listed in "Schedule 3", which has two parts:

Part 1
1. Games
2. 2010
3. Twenty-ten
4. 21st
5. Twenty-first
6. XXIst
7. 10th
8. Tenth
9. Xth
10. Medals

Part 2
1. Winter
2. Gold
3. Silver
4. Bronze
5. Sponsor
6. Vancouver
7. Whistler

If a person is charged with promoting or otherwise directing public attention to their business, wares or services in a manner that misleads or is likely to mislead the public into believing that they are approved, authorized or endorsed by the Olympic authorities, or that they have an official business association with the Olympics, the court is obliged to consider any evidence that the person has used "a combination of expressions set out in Part 1" of Schedule 3 or a combination of an expression set out in Part 1 with an expression in Part 2.

So you can use the word "Gold" for example, so long as you don't use it in combination with "Twenty-Ten" or "Medals" or any other word from Part 1. If you violate this rule, it can be used as evidence (though not necessarily conclusive evidence) that you are misleading or likely to mislead the public into thinking your business, wares, or services are officially sanctioned by the Olympics.

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posted 21 October 2008 11:53 PM      Profile for DrConway     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
You've gotta be effing kidding me. Are we really at the stage where the hysteria over "IP misappropriation/copyright violation/software piracy/etc" is allowing wealthy groups to abuse trademark, copyright and patent laws with impunity?

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