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Author Topic: Army recruitment via video games
Mohamad Khan
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posted 10 November 2002 11:47 PM      Profile for Mohamad Khan   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
whatever you think of violence in video games, there's got to be something wrong with this one:

US Army video game draws flak

A computer game devised by the US Army has come under fire from parents anxious that it glorifies violence.

The army hopes that the game, America's Army, will help it to attract the tens of thousands of young people it needs to join its ranks each year.

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posted 13 November 2002 02:51 PM      Profile for feerit     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Yeah, that game definately *does* worry me.

As noted in the "Grand Theft Morality" thread, I admit to playing pretty much any violent game that comes down the pipe (I'm 20, a white male, and hey, I like FPS's, fits the profile!) as long as the gameplay itself isn't horrible.

This "America's Army" game is disturbing. I've played it. It's nothing more than blatant racism and nationalism all wrapped up in an easy to use package for minors. The worst part about isn't the games content per se, as similar content (though not as blatantly) is in many other more realism oriented First Person Shooters, but the problem is IT'S MADE BY THE US ARMY ITSELF.

It sends the message to kids that when you join the army, you only ever have to shoot at brown people! And they're always bad! You're always Defending Freedom from Tyrannical Terrorists! The fact that you can't play the game from the "terrorist" perspective is also a bit silly, every game of similar genre lets you play whatever side you want.

Similar things happen in other games, too. At least in the online multiplayer side of things. Take for instance, Battlefield 1942 or the Half-Life user-made mod, Day of Defeat. Both are WW2 oriented. So there are tons of "clans" out there that play as the Nazis and glorify Nazism to a certain degree.

Of course, I'm just as bad, in a mod for Quake 2 called "D-Day Normandy" I always play on the Soviet team. And people could say that therefore from that I support the death and murder of 23592305023530539253295 million people that "Communism" has supposedly killed!

Anyway, the America's Army game is more disturbing than other violent games even from my "violent game consumer" standpoint because its blatantly putting forward the political and nationalistic goals of the current US Government instead of either being an accurate portrayal of war (the game Operation Flashpoint: 1985 Cold War Crisis is amazing in that respect) or mindless violence (ie Unreal Tournament)

Actually, playing games like that makes me hope war never occurs, its BAD. REAL BAD. Violence is horrible too. I think there is a slight inherent human tilt towards violence, only exacerbated by our political leaderships and therefore by capitalism's wonderful competitive ideology. Video gaming doesn't contribute to it, and if it does, only in the respect in that there are many inadequately treated people with mental disorders who obviously needed help BEFORE they ever settled down at the keyboard.

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