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Author Topic: Youth Poverty forgotten about in Switzerland
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Youth Poverty forgotton about in Switzerland

The dearth of news stories reporting on poverty runs on with alarm bells ringing out a warning of a Impending crisis to hit those on welfare as the arrogance of the elite cadre ignores the mounting effects of unemployment. Switzerland comfortable with its image of a liberal democracy whose wealth is shared amongst its people has been shattered as youth poverty a `taboo` subject has hit the headlines with denunciations that a `Social Time Bomb` is ready to denote in this country.

In facing up to the situation the Swiss Federal Commission for Children and Youth in a warning to the countries government has denounced the growing precarious financial situation facing Hundreds of thousands of young people under 25 years old and has called for action. Pierre Maudet president of the CFEJ and a Geneva cabinet minister putting his weight behind what has been said has reiterated the concerns about the forgotten youth.

Switzerland, traditionally a ‘zero unemployment’ economy, which may explain its ignorance has seen an unprecedented rise in joblessness from the lows of 1 percent in the 1990`s to recent figures which puts the unemployment rate at 2.5 per cent. Amongst European countries this is a low figure however we have to remember the reality of the decline in manufacturing in the country and the harsh rules applied in gaining any benefits under Switzerland’s system.

The forgotten here represent over half of those claiming a social benefit and the CFEJ in proposing 55 measures to the government has asked that it faces up to the reality it has on its door step and take responsibility for assuring access to the workplace for young people. It also asked that a fund be established to finance training as the report it released on the issues facing the youth says that up to 70% of those on social aid do not get any training at all.

Significant about this report has been the reluctance of a society to except what has been going on under its own nose and in haste it is about to chooses the established route that many economies are following. In doing so as reports can testify from this site, the situation has not improved for the poor and the time bomb described as ready to detonate in the Swiss society may come sooner rather than later as the youth of Europe see basic rights stripped from them.

Youth poverty a `taboo` subject in Switzerland, has hit the headlines with denunciations that a `Social Time Bomb` is ready to denote in that country.

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