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Author Topic: Worthwhile Television Programs
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posted 05 December 2003 10:56 PM      Profile for banquosghost     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
CBS-Friday evenings-Joan of Arcadia. No kidding. Teenage girl who gets visits from god, except it's god as envisioned by Joan Osborne's old song "One of Us", so god is always someone else. And no one you've ever seen before. It's not a religious show at all. It is however quite spiritual. The god characters are used as dramatic devices to explore existential questions, interconnectedness and consequences.

It's worth a look for sure.

These are the producer, Barbara Hall's, 10 commandments for the show. All shows have something along these lines, usually the document is called "the bible".

By Barbara Hall

1. God cannot directly intervene.
2. Good and evil exist.
3. God can never identify one religion as being right.
4. The job of every human being is to fulfill his or her true nature.
5. Everyone is allowed to say no to God, including Joan.
6. God is not bound by time - this is a human concept.
7. God IS NOT A PERSON and does not possess a human personality.
8. God talks to everyone all the time in different ways.
9. God's plan is what is good for us, not what is good for him.
10. God's purpose for talking to Joan, and to everyone, is to get her (us) to recognize the interconnectedness of all things, i.e. you cannot hurt a person without hurting yourself; all of your actions have consequences; God can be found in the smallest actions; God expects us to learn and grow from all our experiences. However, the exact nature of God is a mystery, and the mystery can never be solved.

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posted 06 December 2003 08:21 PM      Profile for Meow     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I've never seen Joan of Arcadia, as I don't actually own a tv....I am however, really into ZEDtv....whenever i go home I always stay up late for that one....Its this really awesome program that shows mostly bizarre short films/animation...and features interesting independent artists and musicians. Its great. I highly recommend it.
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posted 08 December 2003 12:31 PM      Profile for rob.leblanc     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Sounds like the creators of the show read a couple of chapters from "Conversations with God".

I rarley ever have any time to watch television. But when I do, I usually watch cartoons rather than the "real life" stuff. I find they can be really entertaining when you want your mind to just let go.

Usually I watch:
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
Mission Hill (which alas, no longer runs)
The Oblongs (which alas, no longer runs)
Invader Zim (Which never really aired)

And I just got a 4-disc dvd set of Looney Tunes cartoons for my birthday So I'm a happy man right now

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posted 08 December 2003 12:53 PM      Profile for googlymoogly     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I tried watching Zed, but for the most part I can't stand it; I find some of the clips really interesting but in general I don't care for much of what is featured; for the most part I prefer inane British soaps.
Mind you, I do have a weakness for slam poetry; they've featured some pretty good slam poetry on Zed .

Regardless, the reception on my telly is nearly unwatchable, so I stick to movies anyway .

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