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Author Topic: " Bad Girl "
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posted 24 September 2005 10:21 PM      Profile for gabrielle     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I just read a fascinating article in the Sunday Times of London, England and I wasn't sure where to post the url so I have taken the liberty of mentioning it here:,,2092-1795870,00.html

It is a fairly long article which is why I did not copy and paste it in its entirety. It is a comment upon a certain lifestyle/zeitgeist of contemporary Britain ( but it could be anywhere, I suppose ) and I came away feeling disgusted, saddened and frustrated. The subject of the article is Kate Moss, the supermodel who was allegedly caught on film recently, snorting 6 lines of coke in the space of 40 minutes. It is a beautifully written article and although it is reflective of one author's opinions, it nevertheless epitomized a certain " sign of the times ".

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posted 24 September 2005 11:30 PM      Profile for chubbybear        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Hi G. A bit of gossip here, eh? A little snobbish in tone, I think. A few comments stood out for me:
  • itís easy to see how dirty things like crack become exciting.
  • slutty out-of-it child
  • poor white trash and incest.
  • The story could quite easily be set on a trailer park, and its protagonists could very well wear vests and tattoos and threaten to batter each other on Jerry Springer.

The point of the view of the writer seems to be that this person is a disappointment. She is not adhering to percieved ideas of class deportment. Not only is she hedonistic, but her choice of hedonism is to adopt the adopt the excesses that are popularly associated with the poorer classes - promiscuous behaviour and use of vulgar drugs.

As to her proported drug use, sniffing a half dozen lines in a couple of hours is not huge - if that amount of cocaine hydrochloride were cooked or freebased (i.e. turned into crack) a couple of grams of coke would be a very small amount to a regular user. This is of course, not to minimize the overall health risks of regular cocaine use. Intra nasal use however, is an inefficient and particularly physically harmful method of consumption. If she is suffering from increased tolerance and dependence, I hope she takes the time to detox and get help in maintaining harm reduction.

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posted 25 September 2005 12:13 AM      Profile for fast_twitch_neurons     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
That article was interesting but nothing new as far as I'm concerned. I've seen the periphery of that kind of life and I'm not interested in hedonism as an end in itself. I'm interested in achievement as an end in itself. The comments about beauty in the article were particularly true. Why would we treat her like a princess just because she's so beautiful? There's no reason for anyone to treat her that way for that reason other than her agent, her boyfriend and potential suitors. Though I suspect a whole lot of people in that entourage thought they were potential suitors.

Also, I don't understand the obssession with models. They are much too skinny, and could all stand to put on about fifteen pounds, often more, as far as attractiveness is concerned. Kate Moss looks terrible to me from the neck down, as does Naomi Campbell from both the neck down and the neck up.

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posted 25 September 2005 01:23 AM      Profile for gabrielle     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I agree with you, chubbybear, vis a vis the gossipy slant of the article and especially with regard to *achievement* and not hedonism as the ends to a means and a means to an end. I, too, think the author is very disappointed with Kate Moss and so am I. Moss was given a gift - beauty - and she trashed it. That beauty, although probably meaningless on its own, did enable her to transcend a certain mediocrity and allowed her to become an icon and role model in her chosen profession. We may or may not believe that modelling contributes anything meaningful to humanity but Moss had a responsibilty to at least demonstrate some respect for the profession she chose and for all the women who bought the magazines in which her photos appeared.
A short, 28 day stay in rehab will not cut it for her. She needs to rethink her entire lifestyle and maybe decide that the only way she is going to remain clean and sober is to abdicate the crown and focus on the daughter whom she has so selfishly forgotten.

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posted 25 September 2005 01:30 AM      Profile for Albireo     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
[Thread moved from Humanities & Science to Culture]

[ 25 September 2005: Message edited by: Albireo ]

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