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Author Topic: Land of the free, home of the freeps.
Black Dog
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posted 30 October 2002 12:02 PM      Profile for Black Dog   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
So, I followed one of the recent links on this board to the Free Republic web site and, feeling alittle mischeveous, logged on to their discussion forum. Amidst the reams of Bush praising and liberal-bashing (apparently liberals are irrational, emotional and inherently envious of conservatives. Who knew?) I found this wonderful think piece cribbed from some other right-wing journal about the recent anti-war march in DC. The title? 100,000 Communists March On Washington To Give Aid and Comfort to Saddam Hussein If anyone wants, I'll post the article. It's quite funny. Anyhow, my shit-disturber spirit got the better of me and I decided to do some trolling. To wit:

You Freep guys are hilarious. Anyone who dosen't agree with y'all is a commie. Forget the total lack of evidence vis a vis Iraq and WMD. Forget the U.S's role in supporting and supplying Saddam Hussein throughout the '80s. Forget the Bush family's ties to the bin Ladens. Hide behind your dogma. How many of you will be on the front lines when war comes? So sit back, crack a soda, browse through your dog-eared copies of "Atlas Shrugged" and be happy that you're not the ones who have to do your man Bush's dirty work.

I checked in this morning to see if anyone replied, but my posting privledges had been revoked. Thank god these folks are such firm believers in freedom, eh?
Anyway, if ya wanna have a good laugh (or a good cry) the site is here.

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