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Author Topic: Clive Owen to Play Phillip Marlowe
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Universal Pictures and Strike Entertainment want Clive Owen to star as Raymond Chandler's hardboiled private eye Philip Marlowe.

Underneath the wisecracking, hard drinking, tough private eye, Marlowe is complex, enjoying chess and poetry. Violence is not his modus operandi, and he exhibits keen radar and restraint with the genre's femme fatales, like Carmen Sternwood in The Big Sleep.

Author Chandler wrote about his detective ideal in general, "I think he might seduce a duchess, and I am quite sure he would not spoil a virgin."

Oh my.

Howard Hawkes' The Big Sleep is perfect. The Long Goodbye is my favourite Altman film. Does this need to be done? I'll have to see any move that gets made, since Chandler is basically my favourite author. In fact, I'm really just posting this as an excuse to quote The Long Goodbye:

She was slim and quite tall in a white linen tailormade with a black and white polka-dotted scarf around her throat. Her hair was the pale gold of a fairy princess. There was a small hat on it into which the pale gold hair nested like a bird. Her eyes were cornflower blue, a rare color, and the lashes were long and almost too pale. She reached the table across the way and was pulling off a white gauntleted glove and the old waiter had the table pulled out in a way no waiter ever will pull a table out for me. She sat down and slipped the gloves under the strap of her bag and thanked him with a smile so gentle, so exquisitely pure, that he was damn near paralyzed by it. She said something to him in a very low voice. He hurried away, bending forward. There was a guy who really had a mission in life.

Margaret Atwood said she loved Chandler "not for the marinated policemen," but "for his love of furniture."

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