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Author Topic: NOVA: Lost King Of The Maya
Ki No Ronin
Babbler # 7195

posted 03 November 2004 11:55 AM      Profile for Ki No Ronin     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Konnichi Wa to All:

This is in responce to the "Huge US Election Results String" Thread in the Politics Forum, which is now suddenly Locked.

I was writing this following responce to a posting of rob mcguffin when I discovered the thread had suddenly become Locked:

Originally posted by rob mcguffin:
According to MSNBC it looks like the moral vote mattered more then the economy and the war on terrorism!!!What the fuck is the USA coming to?Where can i get my gun licence at?

I will tell you what the USA is coming to.

I have studied quite a lot of American History, and compared it to Roman History, and I have realized that America is behaving much the same as Rome did back in about the time Julius Caesar.

One day, the American Government will collaspse just like Rome eventually did.

Basically, Rome POed soooooo many of their neighboring countrys soooooo much that the expenses of guarding their Borders and protecting their Security became sooooo expensive that the Roman Empire went Bankrupt and eventually collaspsed.

I guarantee it: One Day, the exact same thing will definitely happen to the USA.

I have a essay the chronicals that sort of History Timelines, which has happened to every Kingdom, Country, or Empire that has ever existed.

The essay is called "NOVA: The Lost King of the Maya".

I will post it on this Message Board for all to read over.

Ki No Ronin


I will now go get my essay: "NOVA: Lost King of the Maya" and post it here.

Ki No Ronin

From: New Westminster | Registered: Oct 2004  |  IP: Logged
Ki No Ronin
Babbler # 7195

posted 03 November 2004 11:57 AM      Profile for Ki No Ronin     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Konnichi Wa to All:

(Note: This essay was originally written on July 8th 2004)

I have just finished doing Internet Research into a program I saw on the PBS Knowledge Channel late at night. I had just gotten home from celebrating Canada Day at the Royal Canadian Legion. I had a few Pints in me, so I was a bit inibriated at the time, but I remembered the program fairly well anyways.

This afternoon, I decided to do some research on the Internet on that program, and I actually dug up a fairly good Chronical of that program. It is from the official NOVA Website on that program. There are a 17 scenes from the program that plays on your Real Player program, and there is an entire Transcript of the Program.

You can download and watch the 17 Video Scenes from URL:

And you can read the Programs Transcript by downloading from URL:

The real fascinating thing about this program is its analysis of how the Ancient Mayans concidered 400 years as a Baktun of Time. To the Mayans, a single Baktun of Time was their version of a Millenium. They considered that a single Emperial Kingdom would last a maximum of 1 Baktun of Time. At the end of the Baktun, there would be various Births, Deaths, and Changes that would signal the end of the previous Baktun and the start of another.

After watching this program, I then thought over their thesis on how a Baktun works. I realized that in all the history of Mankind, all of the various powerfull Empires and Kingdoms that have come and gone all seem to have lasted around 400 Years.

For instance, from the foundation of the Roman Empire as a serious power under Julius Caesar in about 40 AD to the final collapse of the Romanic Byzantine Empire in the mid 4th centurty AD was aproximately 400 years.

Another example is the foundation of the British Empire as an Empire from the Reign of Queen Elizabeth 1 in the late 1500s and lasted until the early 2000th century when many of the countrys of the British Empire declared their independence (IE: Canada with its 1867 British North America Act). Basically, the expense of fighting the Boar War, World War 1 and World War 2 caused such expenses for the British Empire that the Empire could not maintain itself anymore, so the Empire crumbled.

Also, the consept of the Mayan Baktun fits with the Correllian Tradtion's concept of a Zodiacal Age being 1600 Years. This means that a Correllian Zodiacal Age can divided into 4 Quarters of 400 years each.

Please Download the Video Clips from the Program and brief over program's Transcript.

Ki No Ronin

From: New Westminster | Registered: Oct 2004  |  IP: Logged

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