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Author Topic: God Save TIFF Fans !
Michael Hardner
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posted 14 September 2007 04:24 AM      Profile for Michael Hardner   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
While we love the Toronto International Film Festival, my wife and I feel that this year it passed being charming and enjoyable to being frustrating and annoying.

We bought 10 tickets, and were dismayed to find that the cost was close to $200. I had hoped that the new condo that they're touting before every film would have helped lower ticket prices.

Besides the cost, the process of getting tickets has gone from complicated to Monty Pythonesque. We received our 'coupons' in the mail, then had to go to the box office to exchange those for 'tickets'. Why ? Who knows ?

Next, we had to line up to hand in our choices for tickets, then line up to pick up our movie tickets two days later.

One of our films was sold out, which necessitated a fourth trip. So, to recap, my wife and I bought ten movie tickets and that required FOUR physical trips to the box office, where you had to stand in line.

If you were able to use the website to order online (which was difficult as it was difficult to navigate, and often broken) then you STILL had to go to the box office to order the tickets you just "ordered online".

I'm starting think the festival is actually a front for a city-wide group of "line-up" fetishes. They need to change the name to the Toronto International Queueing Festival.

So does anybody else think that the person who designed this process might not be very bright ?

Film festival fans need to talk about this as much as possible, and possibly even use up a director Q&A question after the film to ask Piers Handling why he tortures us this way....

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posted 14 September 2007 05:40 AM      Profile for bigcitygal     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Michael, thanks for sharing your experiences.

I rarely make plans to go to TIFF. I just don't care that much, I don't like the hassle and the lines (more on that in a sec). I see indie films other ways, and mainstream Hollywood films when they come out 2 months from now like everyone else.

This year, a friend said she's going to pick up some tickets and why don't we go to a film together and she'll get me a ticket. Effortless for me, so I said sure!

We saw "Ping Pong Playa", not sold out, no big known names, and which I highly recommend and I hope comes to at least the Carlton because I'd love to see it again.

We knew it wasn't sold out, but waited in line at the Varsity. The first 30 people were in the hallway by the theatre itself, the rest of us were down in the stairwell. Not a problem for me and my friend, but not wheelchair accessible which is not okay.

And of course when we got into the theatre it was maybe half sold, so there were lots of seats, and no need to have the audience waiting in line like a bunch of chumps. We laughed about the "TIFF mentality" of making a big deal out of seeing films, and creating a buzz and sense of importance about films, by just the things you mentioned, Michael, as well as their waiting-in-lines fetish.

I'd be interested to hear other ways that you feel TIFF has changed over the years, Michael, and others. Im very cynical about an organization that has tons and tons of government and corporate sponsorship but still has unpaid volunteers all over the place.

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posted 14 September 2007 06:25 AM      Profile for quelar     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I've been lucky to have a friend who is determined to go every year, she does the standing in line and I get to go to at least one showing.

This year (last night actually) was a great one that I recommend to everyone, as well as the overall 'project' that was being touted Why Democracy? I'm probably starting another discussion on this site, so I won't go into it further.

As for TIFF, my experiences have been mixed. Last year about 50 of us stood in a hallway where we were told to wait, what they didn't mention to us was that there were three different movie lines in the same line, so it was absolute chaos when they started pulling people out. This year was much smoother. Going back 3-4 years it seemed that it was a little more indie, less 'stars' and a whole lot less parties. My neighbourhood (King West) has been getting consistanly getting worse and worse, with 'Big Event's' every night in just about every club or lounge. Of course, for about 80% of the TIFF parties the most famous person you're going to see there is the Gaffer from Big Momma's House 2.

On the positive side, as I was walking down the street to go home last sunday I did get a chance to see my new girlfriend Jessica Alba at Blowfish.

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Ursa Minor
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posted 14 September 2007 12:47 PM      Profile for Ursa Minor     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Originally posted by Michael Hardner:
While we love the Toronto International Film Festival, my wife and I feel that this year it passed being charming and enjoyable to being frustrating and annoying.

What's frustrating and annoying is living in Vancouver, subscribing to the Vancouver edition of the Globe and Mail, and then watching all the actual news disappear because the Globe has to treat the bumpf of fluff of a film fesitval patronized by useless Hollywood celebrities as a major national news item.

By contrast, they don't turn the paper into Entertainment Weekly during the Vancouver International Film Festival, which led this correspondent to drop them a line telling them to shove it up the Centre of their Universe.

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