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Author Topic: All Star Game Ends With No Winner...Baseball's Officially Dead

posted 10 July 2002 02:03 AM           Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
the mid-season "classic" is called after eleven innings with a 7-7 tie in the home park of that worthless scumbag Bud Selig. And now MVP named.

there is no god...and the way it's going, god is pissed at baseball.

so what will my nine year old kid, the one with a great glove up thye middle and a good opposite field bat, has to look forward to? and what will i have to retire on 'cuz he won't be able to sign a million dollar deal years from now?

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posted 10 July 2002 08:14 PM      Profile for minimal     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Now I'm not a baseball fan but I understand that the allstar game was called because they "ran out of players"!!! What happened to them? Did they all go to the toilet or to the bar? Seems to me if you arrive for the game you play to the end, or are all these "athletes" just a bunch of sissies? Someone please enlighten me.
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posted 11 July 2002 01:39 PM      Profile for MJ     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
On the Allstar game, generally what a coach does is put in a player for 2 or 3 innings, then replace him with another. This way all of the players get to appear in the game. But, once a player is taken out, they can't go back in. Of course, they could have kept playing the game with the active players at the time...

On another note:

Two teams in financial trouble: Selig

CBC SPORTS ONLINE - It might be a negotiating ploy, since Bud Selig and the union are scheduled to continue contract talks on Thursday, but the baseball commissioner started to ring alarm bells about the precarious finances of two teams on Wednesday.

One team might not be able to make payroll on Monday, while the other is in such dire condition that it might not finish the season.

Selig refused to elaborate or name the teams, but he said that the league is at a point that it can't bail either of these two clubs out if one or both request financial assistance.

Baseball owners maintain that they can't keep up with skyrocketing salaries, which has seen the average salary rise from $51,500 in 1976 to $2.38 million this season.

Meanwhile, it looks like players and owners are headed for another work stoppage. Although both sides agree that another strike could possibly decimate the sport, they can't agree on a number of key issues such as drug testing, revenue sharing and a luxury tax to slow payroll growth.

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posted 11 July 2002 05:00 PM      Profile for Arch Stanton     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I love baseball. I could play all day. I like to occasionally sit in the bleachers and watch a little league game. Baseball stories were my favorite reading when I was a kid. I thus grew up with Lou Gehrig, Dizzy Dean, Willy Mays, Walter Johnson, "Dem Bums," The Boys of well as the Expos.

But I never watch the major leagues any more. I haven't watched a game since Gobby Alomar horked on an umpire. I was already ticked at the MFL because of the last strike.

Should they go on strike again I wouldn't care.

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posted 12 July 2002 09:32 AM      Profile for skdadl     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

I fear that is pretty much where I've ended up too. It makes me sad when I think back to summer nights fifteen, twenty years ago, falling asleep listening to a game on the West Coast on the radio ...

But there's no point in being a fan any more. A fan needs a team to care about, and there aren't teams now. It's all business. Selig and the owners are worse than the players, but the players are now creepy enough. Who cares?

But I used to.

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