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Author Topic: Leon Rosselson Interview
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Unlike, poetry or novels, Rosselson - who has also published over twenty children’s books - laments that songs are not “given serious consideration as an art form.” However, he believes “the craftsmanship and the technique involved in writing songs are as complex, difficult and challenging as any other art form.”


Fuse Records and Rosselson's website

World Turned Upside Down has turned into an anthem of sorts. And Stand Up for Judas is really outstanding and worth listening to.

Rossleson sings at a concert for Jews for Justice for Palestine

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Ken Burch
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Thanks for posting that.

I met Leon Rosselson and took a short songwriting class when I was traveling in Britain a couple of years ago. It was one of the most amazing experiences I've had. Leon is a great teacher and an easy person to talk to.

Another song of his that I'd recommend is BRINGING THE NEWS FROM NOWHERE, which is about the Utopian writer, designer and artist William Morris:


Some bring the news in a sermon on the mountain
Some bring the news in a blueprint or a bulletin,
I like those who come with the passion of a vision
Like a child with a gift, like a friend with a question:
William Morris was one,
In a story, in a song,
In the patterns that he wove
In the colours that he loved
In the hope that he gave
He brought the News From Nowhere

1) In my mind's eye, I can see him still standing,
With his grey beard waving like the foam of the sea.
With his shaggy hair shaking, and his clear eyes smiling,
As he tells all who listen how different life can be.

And he rails at the wealthy with their mutilated vision,
making money the measure of everything they do.
And the ugliness that grows,
And the lives that are broken,
On the wheels that turn for the profits of the few.


2) He turned from his class, and he made the lonely journey
Through the River of Fire, and when he reached the other side.
He joined the ones who had nothing, the poor and the hungry,
And their cause was his 'til the day that he died.

For he saw that in them,
A spark lay hidden
And he saw that in them,
A hope still burned
For the great day coming,
When the shoddy rule of Mammon
Would be shattered like the hulk
That the storm has overturned.


3)"When our desires are free" he said,
"There'll be no schools or prisons,
No Parliaments or leaders
To coerce us with their laws.
No governments, no money
to raise false divisions.
And there can be an end
To the endlessness of war."
"And work will be a sharing,
And work will be a pleasure,
When the things we make are built
Out of beauty and of need."
"In a world made whole", he said,
We ALL can be creators,
Not winners or losers
In a game of grab and greed,


4)He took delight,
And he looked with eyes of wonder
At the skin and the body
And the beauth of the Earth.
We must cherish the lakes,
And the fields, and the forests,
for if we defile our home" he said
"what then will life be worth?"
And some there were who said
he was just another dreamer.
But his dream lived on,
though the years turned to stone.
And his dream shimmers still,
like the sunlight in winter,
for a dream is the key to a world unknown.
So honor to the man, and honor to the dreamer,
And to all the men and women the history books ignore,
Who would not stand aside for the pride or the clamor,
But held to the truth in the vision that they saw

(Chorus, with words "from Nowhere" repeated thrice at the end.)

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