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Author Topic: Independent Record Stores
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posted 28 March 2008 08:32 AM      Profile for jrose     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Seems like CBC Radio 3 is looking for the best independent record stores that the country has to offer.

via Torontoist:

The first edition of CBC Radio 3's new series, Searchlight, is forcing the Canadian Record Buying Public to throw down over the #1 Independent Record Store In Canada.

"In this digital era of music, it is a very real possibility that the indie record store may go the way of the dodo," says CBC Radio 3 host Grant Lawrence in a press release. "We want to shine a light on all the great stores across the country that are making a go of it, in the spirit of independent rock 'n' roll, and surviving against the odds."

Toronto no doubt has a solid batch of contenders, places with just the right combination of radsauce and flippant smugness to make you comfortably uncomfortable going in. These include (but aren't limited to, lest you were considering breaking out your self-righteous beatsticks of justice) usual suspects like Soundscapes, Kops, Criminal Records, She Said Boom!, Rotate This, Penguin Music, and the new-ish and website-less (likely because they are too busy upping the punx) Hits & Misses.

The nominations process is open throughout the long weekend until midnight Tuesday, when proper voting beings. Final results will be in on April 19, just in time for International Record Store Day. Aside from being awarded a pretty sweet cred-loaded title, the winning store will have a CBC Radio 3 broadcast live from the shop along with an in-store session with some local flavour of the week.

And the nominees are:

Of the 47 stores repping St. John's to Victoria, Toronto holds a tidy seven spots. Best city odds of the competition. Drumroll: Penguin Music, Criminal Records, Monster Records, Slinky Music, Rotate This, Sonic Boom, and Soundscapes.

Sounds about right. First round voting kicks off today and goes until next Wednesday, when the list is whittled to 20, and so forth for however many weeks it is until April 18 (the day before International Record Store Day) when a final five is reached.

Links to each of the stores are up on Torontoist. Any favourites (on or off the list?), babblers?

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