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Author Topic: Portrait of a loyal poodle
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Tony Blair: The Accidental American

"I never quite understand what people mean by this neocon thing". This was the astonishing admission Tony Blair made to James Naughtie a year after Saddam Hussein had gone. At least since September 11 2001, the neocons, who were well described by Colin Powell in a conversation with Jack Straw as "fucking crazies", and who comprise Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Bolton, Libby (Cheney's chief of staff), Abrams, Perle and others, have dictated the foreign policy of the Bush administration. They are, to coin a phrase, "the axis of evil" in Washington. Yet as late as 2004 the British prime minister did not "quite understand" about them.

Blair thought that progress over the Israel-Palestine conflict would diminish his party's opposition to his always doing Bush's bidding on Iraq. If he had understood the outlook of the neocons, he would have known that such progress was out of the question. The neocons are not only passionately pro-Israel, they are Likudists to a man. They are more than happy, therefore, to let Sharon create any number of illegal apartheid settlements on stolen Palestinian land, thereby making the setting up of a viable Palestinian state virtually impossible. The idea that they would allow Bush to do a U-turn and seriously pursue the so-called "roadmap" was laughable, but out of sheer ignorance Blair clung to it.

Blair always knows he's right. According to Naughtie, he is a man almost devoid of doubt. Some people are without doubt because they have considerable knowledge of a subject. Blair is not one of those. His overarching certainty seems, as often as not, to be the product of ignorance, and not only about the neocons. As Robin Cook notes in his Point of Departure, Blair knows little Labour history, and clearly nothing of the history of the Middle East.

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