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Author Topic: No More Tickle Trunk II - the Resurection
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posted 20 September 2001 02:34 PM      Profile for vaudree     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Many people mention how Mr. Dressup never talked down to them, which made me remember who they were contrasting Mr. Dressup with. And then it dawned on me - we were all comparing Mr. Dressup to that nasty Uncle Bob who took great pleasure making Archie Wood feel worthless and apologetic over basicly nothing. While uncle Bob tried to teach us that we should be punished because we were too stupid to do things right, Mr. Dressup valued us, he liked us, he believed in us.

Nothing has really changed. The uncle Bobs of the world will always be with us - our choice only is to bow down like Archie and let Uncle Bob`s termites infect us - or stand up to him like Marvin Mouse.

Mr. Dressup death was not the end of our childhood, it was his way to remind us of things we tend to forget at times like these and to remind us of what the Uncle Bob`s and GWB`s of the world are trying to tell us we will have to give up on if we wish to become "good" conforming model citizens. Mr. Dressup is there to remind us that we can change the world without resorting to violence.

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audra trower williams
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posted 22 September 2001 12:53 AM      Profile for audra trower williams   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
vaudree, I understand that you feel that 20 posts is too long for a thread to be, but I don't. You've got to stop starting new threads when you feel like it.
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