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Author Topic: Racism in America's Comedy Industry
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posted 02 September 2002 05:00 AM      Profile for meades     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post

Veteran US comic Jackie Mason has been
accused of racism after his manager said a
warm-up act was taken off the bill at a
Chicago club because of his Palestinian

"It's not exactly like he's
just an Arab American.
This guy's a Palestinian,"
Mason's manager Jyll
Rosenfeld said.

Oh, he is? Oh, well that's perfectly okay, then. For heavan's sake! What's with these morons?! It's as if they only think it's racism when the person "just looks like" they're from an "offending" country, as opposed to actually being from there. It's the kind of attitude that allowed Ukrainians, Italians, and Germans to be shipped off to concentration camps during the World Wars (The issue of Asian American internment is different, since it was an entire race that was being assaulted, as opposed to specific nationalities. Just thought I needed to clear that up).

"Jackie does not feel comfortable having a
Palestinian open for him. Right now it's a very
sensitive thing, it's just not a good idea."

Mason, who is Jewish,
denied he had
anything to do with
the cancellation,
saying the club had
received phone calls in protest at the
appearance of a Palestinian comic.

"It's just the fact that he is an unknown,"
Linda Moses said.

"[Mason] is just not comfortable with
having an unknown act. It's

The club adhered to Mason's wishes on
such matters, she added.

Hmm, well since these people can't seem to get their damn story straight, I have no choice but to lay blame with the lot of them. It looks like Mason, Zanie's, and all the managers in between owe a lot of people one hell of an apology.

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audra trower williams
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posted 02 September 2002 11:48 AM      Profile for audra trower williams   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Hey, meades. This thread is actually happening here.
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