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Author Topic: Condoleezza Rice
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posted 14 October 2002 06:12 PM      Profile for skdadl     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Has anyone else read the profile of Condoleezza Rice in the current New Yorker?

This isn't the article proper, but an interview with its author, Nicholas Lemann, that will certainly give you a quicker sense of his critical view of Rice than the article will.

The further I got into the article, the stronger my conviction became that Rice is a sort of American version of Kim Campbell. So when do you reckon the reckoning is coming?

Or am I indulging in wishful thinking?

Is it any more distressing that a woman of her background should scoot to a position of power mainly on a talent for intellectual oversimplification and personal fakery than that most men in positions of power got there the same way?

Is there some reason that Kim Campbells get found out in Canada, whereas they rise to positions of great power in the U.S.?

And that sort of question.

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posted 17 October 2002 05:09 PM      Profile for ronb     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I have been unable to finish the articles in the current New Yorker. I got to the part where the new Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere Reich says that Castro was an admirer of Mein Kamph, and thought 'This makes me physically ill. I don't need this right now. ' So I launched into page after page on how whipsmart 'Condi' is, but all that Doris Day chipper-osity made my teeth hurt, so I bailed and went right for the Movie review, and was pissed off that Punch Drunk Love wasn't there.
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posted 17 October 2002 05:21 PM      Profile for 'lance     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I had much the same experience, ronb, except that I was sick at home and bored, and plowed through the C. Rice piece and the O. Reich piece.

The first, at least, only exacerbated my boredom. A reckoning, you wonder, skdadl... In truth, I doubt it. I suspect Ms Rice will survive the next Deluge. From this account, she can adapt to anything.

I don't think Kim Campbell being "found out" was any tribute to our system, only to her relative lack of preparation -- and steely will, too, which if we can believe Lemann, is what powers Ms Rice.

Otto Reich on the other hand -- aforementioned Assistant Sec'y of State -- is just a belligerant thug, and a monomaniacal one as well.

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