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Author Topic: Box office indie hits and big studio hits and flops of 2003
Adam T
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I don't know if anybody is interested in this, but I like numbers.

U.S and Canada box office totals. U.S official totals (i.e figures reported in Variety) include Canadian box office receipts in U.S $.

These are the 30 biggest major and indie films of 2003. A few of them are still in theatres and racking in a bit more cash. Totals as at end of March.

These are films released in calendar year 2003.

Big Studio films
1.The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, $375,204,550
2.Finding Nemo, 339,714,978
3.Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, 305,413,918
4.The Matrix: Reloaded, 281,576,461
5.Bruce Almighty, 242,829,261
6.X2: X Men United, 214,949,694
7.Elf, 173,398,518
8.Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, 150,371,112
9.The Matrix Revolutions 139,270,910
10.Bad Boys II, 138,608,444
11.Cheaper By the Dozen, 137,881,750
12.Anger Management, 135,645,823
13.Bringing Down the House, 132,716,677
14.The Hulk, 132,177,234
15.2 Fast 2 Furious, 127,154,901
16.Something's Gotta Give, 124,685,242
17.Seabiscuit, 120,277,854
18.S.W.A.T, 116,934,650
19.Spy Kids 3D: Game Over, 111,761,982
20.The Last Samurai, 111,110,575
21.Freaky Friday, 110,230,332
22.Scary Movie 3, 110,003,217
23.The Italian Job, 106,128,601
24.How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 105,813,373
25.American Wedding, 104,565,114
26.Daddy Day Care, 104,297,061
27.Daredevil, 102,543,518
28.The Cat in the Hat, 101,091,659
29.Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, 100,830,111
30.Cold Mountain, 95,278,095

indie films
1.Lost In Translation $44,585,453
2.Monster, 34,187,787
3.Bend it Like Beckham, 32,543,449
4.Whale Rider, 20,779,666
5.A Mighty Wind, 17,781,006
6.21 Grams, 16,269,341
7.In America, 15,399,490
8.House of Sand and Fog, 13,024,825
9.Girl With a Pearl Earring, 11,262,360
10.Winged Migration, 10,764,402
11.Swimming Pool 10,130,108
12.La Grande Seduction, 8,722,856
13.The Cooler 8,263,260
14.Barbarian Invasions, 8,229,244
15.Dirty Pretty Things, 8,112,414
16.City of God, 7,401,949
17.The Triplets of Belleville, 6,426,871
18.Mambo Italiano, 6,253,026
19.Nowhere in Africa, 6,180,200
20.American Splendor, 6,010,990
21.Luther, 5,791,328
22.The Station Agent, 5,739,376
23.Spellbound, 5,728,581
24.The Human Stain, 5,381,908
25.Thirteen 4,601,043
26.The Magdelene Sisters, 4,583,889
27.The Gospel of John, 4,052,681
28.The Fog of War, 3,905,848
29.L'Auberge Espagnole 3,897,799
30.Better Luck Tomorrow 3,802,390

(what is and isn't an 'indie film' is somewhat of a judgement call. For instance, this year The Passion of the Christ is clearly an independent studio release, but it was released in over 3,000 theatres in its first week, a very wide release.

big studio box office flops
Biggest big studio flops of 2003. If you think #1 is Gigli, you are rigli, rigli wrong.

1.Marci X $1,648,818
2.DysFUNKtional Family 2,255,000
3.Anything Else 3,212,310
4.The Real Cancun 3,825,421
5.Beyond Borders 4,430,101
6.In the Cut 4,750,602
7.From Justin to Kelly 4,928,883
8.Grind 5,123,696
9.Gigli 6,087,542
10.Chasing Papi 6,130,049
11.Willard 6,886,089
12.It Runs in the Family 7,491,839
13.The Order 7,660,806
14.Tupac: Resurrection 7,718,961
15.Boat Trip 8,600,126
16.Le Divorce 9,081,057
17.Dark Blue 9,250,301
18.Duplex 9,692,135
19.House of the Dead 10,249,719
20.Confidence 12,251,640
21.House of 1,000 Corpses 12,634,962
22.Gods and Generals 12,882,934
23.How to Deal 14,195,227
24.Alex and Emma 14,218,698
25.Wrong Turn 15,418,790
26.A Guy Thing 15,545,431
27.My Boss's Daughter 15,550,605
28.View From the Top 15,614,000
29.Deliver Us From Eva 17,573,594
30.Timeline 19,481,943

I say 'box office flop' instead of just 'flop' because a film is a hit if its revenues is greater than its expenses. For instance, even though House of 1,000 Corpses is on this list, it was made very cheap, and its studio is actually making a sequal.

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Willowdale Wizard
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i'm always a bit more impressed when i see box office receipts graded against inflation,

i.e. batman was released in 1989, and it took $251.2 million at the box office. even if you assume only 2% inflation in the 14 years since then, that would be $331.5 million today.

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