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Author Topic: Steven Van Zandt: saving rock and roll while moonlighting for Tony Soprano
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Hanging out in the Underground Garage with Little Steven
... Little Steven, of course, was a career rock'n'roller: a performer and recording artist in his own right as well as a member of boyhood chum Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. But he transformed himself into Silvio Dante with the knack of a seasoned thespian. ...

Though seldom front-centre, Silvio has been a cornerstone of The Sopranos since it premiered on HBO in January 1999. ...

"Silvio has a certain clarity that I admire and envy, and wish I had more of in real life," Van Zandt, 55, says with obvious affection, then confides, "It's easier to play him than to be me. It's a mental vacation. It's my meditation. God, am I gonna miss that!"

Escape on the Sopranos set is welcome, he explains, as a respite from what he calls his real, 10-hours-a-day job. Or should he call it his sacred mission? Turns out Little Steven is a way-cool zealot, a wavy-gravy crusader bent on saving rock'n'roll.

His two-hour weekly radio ministry is Little Steven's Underground Garage, which he programs, hosts and syndicates to 200 markets for a flock of more than a million. (Check the very cool website for local station and time.)

His overarching gospel: radio today makes no room for garage rock. Constrictive formats squeeze out promising rookies as well as bands that made their bones decades ago.

What does Van Zandt mean by garage rock? "The Rolling Stones are the archetype," he says. "Classic singles? Louie Louie by the Kingsmen, Gloria by Them. Just picture that in your mind and you got it."

Underground Garage reflects Van Zandt's unified field theory as he celebrates Cream, Gene Vincent, The Yardbirds, the New York Dolls, the Who, the Ramones, Bo Diddly - all part of rock's standard repertoire - plus up-comers you never heard of until Little Steven's show. ...

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I didn't even know that "Silvio" was part of E street Band until I came to visit friends two summers ago in Toronto; and my friend told me as we were talking about "The Sopranos". At first, I had made fun of his permanent "grimace" he always looks pissed-off...and then I commented on his hairstyle. LOL. He was quickly defended by my friend who lives close to the Danforth...telling me just who he was. It's a great eye opener for those like me, who didn't know. Cool, huh?

I am pissed at him for killing Adrianna, though. LOL. Although, she should have told all of them the first time the Feds approached her. That was HER big mistake. Then she (her character) would still be alive and saying, "OH Christophah."

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