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Author Topic: 'Preferred Stock NOT Woodstock'
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On Wed. July 16th, we were contacted by our Arts Marketplace coordinator that it was just brought to Molson's (major corporate multinational sponsor) attention of the existence of the "Rolling Stones Arts Marketplace" - us. Having heard that our fees and requirements were totally 'off the wall', (in normal show circumstances, standard) compared to their similar concession offers of $1,800 - 2,000 for a small booth, they insisted on certain conditions be added. The four main restrictions were that, 1. All vendors must be registered businesses with valid vendors permits. 2. All must carry Vendors Insurance. 3. Their tents or canopies must be secured with 1200 lbs of weights. 4. All vendors cannot unload their setups within 4 kilometres of the park!

Keeping in mind that two main purposes of the show was to show the world that Toronto is a safe place to visit, it was also to help revive the devastation to the businesses that are hard hit, and of course support for the healthcare workers and hospitalty industry.

What is interesting, is that in the very beginning of this project, when the idea was a free concert, the Arts Marketplace coordinator and LIb MP Dennis Mills (and others), who got this idea off the ground, incorporated the artists and craftspeople to enhance the sprit of the event. As the public sector, federal, provincial and local, would support it, they felt that private sector investment was neccessary. Not that any corporation initially jumped at it, but in the last minute, Molson's must have done the math and envisioned the biggest rock 'n roll, beer drinking/marketing event in the history of ticketed sales! Other multis such as the GAP saw the light as well and obtained vendor concessions from Molsons. Naturally their local outlets, like the artists and craftspepole, must have been hurting too and could use the extra cash and promo.

Seems that someone called Molson's to enquire about renting a booth and was quoted $1800 for a 10'x10' space, and was taken somewhat by surprise when she knew that there were 10x10's going at $75. So they must have thought that this was unfair and decided to level the playing field, like NAFTA you know, and muscle in added but impossible conditions. Sound familliar?

Well this is where my facts might not be complete, as I missed the CBC news, but I was told that there was some piece about Molson's and their concert involvement that resulted in the next day cancellation of ALL vendors concessions, leaving Molson's the sole merchandiser for this mammoth, 500,000 people event. But in their favour, to date, I heard that they had lifted a restriction on concert goers, who were limited to 2 liters of sealed bottle water (for the entire event), to offering unlimited free water to all!! Woo hoo! Rock on! Perhaps I dare change my opinion of this once-in-a-historical-event from 'Preferred Stock NOT Woodstock' to stock ale all round!

Molson's - this is your day in the sun (or perhaps rain)!

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