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Author Topic: Canadiana from Newfoundland
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posted 07 January 2007 01:33 AM      Profile for Disgusted        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Maybe this priceless bit of Canadiana should go in the NWT etc. section of Babble, but I thought maybe fewer people would see it there than here. I think it deserves a wide audience!


I get NTV (from Newfoundland) on our Star Choice sat tv package. I don't watch it much, but on occasion, like tonight, do. Because it's privately-owned, the (somewhat eccentric) owner can do as he pleases, like put this and music videos on instead of commercials, as well as some unusual overnight programming. The station calls itself "Canada's Superstation". Every now and then it runs a really great long documentary about Elvis Presley. Gotta love it.

More info here:

And a link to the station's site:


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posted 07 January 2007 01:37 AM      Profile for Disgusted        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Oops, my bad. Made a typo in the first sentence. Meant to say "Nfld"", not NWT.

(I have the north on my mind, since I seem to be the only one left alive up here ...)

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posted 07 January 2007 05:11 AM      Profile for Michelle   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I appreciate your valiant effort to bring life to the northern regional forum, Disgusted.

This sounds really funny! I watched the video of their station ad. Pretty weird, but amusing.

I only have regular cable (and it's provided by my landlord, otherwise I wouldn't bother with cable at all), so I don't get that channel. I should check it out next time I'm at my dad's though - he probably gets it.

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Jacob Two-Two
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posted 07 January 2007 11:38 AM      Profile for Jacob Two-Two     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Hee. Jeff Sterling is such a wacko, but in an entertaining way.

There's a movie I saw one night on NTV called "Waiting for Fidel". It's a documentary about Sterling (owner of NTV and multi-millionaire) and Joey Smallwood (former Premier of Newfoundland) travelling to Cuba to meet Fidel Castro. They never actually meet him, as I recall (or maybe they do, but it's off camera) but that's okay, because the real highlight is all the loony conversations between these two prominent Newfoundlanders, both slightly off their rockers. Funny stuff.

My fave bit is when they're at the beach hanging around and Sterling is standing on his head, explaining how this pose balances chakras and reverses energy flow, then he casually comments that the price of gold has gone up such-and-such today, and so he just made a million dollars. Smallwood, a tad taken aback, says to him "You just made a million dollars today?" "Yep" says Sterling, rolling back to an upright position. Smallwood (apparently a fan of the revolution) shakes an accusing finger at him and says "You should take that money and donate it to the fine people of Cuba!" Sterling will have none of it. "I'll tell you what I'm going to do with that money," he says, "I'm going to re-invest it in my television station and continue to provide quality programming for the fine people of Newfoundland!"

I'm thinking, has he ever watched his station?

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