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Author Topic: Controversial one-man play about Marc Lepine
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Theatrical rebirth

The Anorak, the one-man show about killer Marc Lepine, is one of several new performances reshaping the local drama scene

MATT RADZ, The Gazette

September 21, 2004

Serious drama has a future in this town and I saw it coming this past weekend...The Anorak, Adam Kelly's self-written one-man show about mad killer/tueur-fou Marc Lepine opened Sunday at Zeke's Gallery, across the street from The Main deli on St. Laurent Blvd., and continues with must-see performances tonight and tomorrow night.

Anorak is everything theatre ought to be, a fully realized combination of intellectual daring, smart writing and sensitive performance.

A less polished work would have been easily erased by the gallery's harsh "living-room" lighting and the absence of customary theatrical gadgetry.

The anorak jacket is all Kelly needs to enter the persona of the Polytechnique killer, with a monstrous conviction as touching as it is frightening.

This is no plea for sympathy for Lepine, the confused reject who massacred 14 women at the Polytechnique 15 years ago on Dec. 6.

Kelly's understated performance forces the audience to witness the disintegration of a dysfunctional personality. An ordinary acne-scarred suburban misfit morphs into a black-booted anti-feminist warrior on a mission of hate, because "it's better to be hated than to be forgotten."

Abused by his Algerian-born father, shunned by his peers, Lepine is rejected in his attempts to join the army and to study engineering. A paint-ball aficionado, he's encouraged by a gunshop owner to fill out an application for a semi-automatic Luger carbine.

At last, he is accepted for something, a gun-permit approval that triggers voices in his head urging him to spill women's blood.

Anorak, it should be noted, is also put-down slang for an unattractive, socially awkward individual. By the time Kelly's Lepine takes off his anorak jacket and wraps it around the Luger's still hot barrel, so he can put it in his mouth for his final act, we are forced to reflect not how this could have happened, but how thin the line is between aggravated social failure and murderous dementia.

If there is a flaw in Kelly's solo, it's the bonhomme French accent of his English-speaking Lepine character. This might have played in Toronto where the piece was unveiled. In Montreal it borders on insult.

A native of Pierrefonds and a Concordia grad, Kelly has returned to work in Montreal after studying acting at Toronto's York University, where Anorak had its debut.

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