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Author Topic: America, More Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Everyone
Michael Watkins
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Sadly, the troll thread
Americans: We're better than you at EVERYTHING. was closed before I could respond to this little beaut. I think its worth posting because its a very common misperception, even among Canadians:

Originally posted by Free Rep:
Your emissions have gone up in the last few years while ours have gone down.

We're far closer to meeting Kyoto targets than you lame ducks ever will be.

AH, the spreading of completely incorrect information - lets nip this in the bud.

Your emissions went UP, not down as you claim; your emissions merely rose less than ours, over the period being measured, but from a much much higher base.

The United States singlehandedly produces more Green House Gasses than any other country on the planet, more than the next several largest countries combined, despite having only 4% of the population. The United States uses close to 30% of the total energy output of the planet, despite having only 4% of the population.

The US economy uses much more energy per capita to produce economic results than other advanced western economies such as Germany and France, and produces much more by way of GHG per GDP dollar/capita than these countries as well.

Bottom line - America is better than all other nations at contributing to global warming - yes, that's true and no its not something to be proud of.

Canada has its own reasons to be ashamed but the situation is not simple and not well understood. Here, in a nutshell is one of the major reasons why Canada's emissions are growing faster than the US.

This is an important point, its becaused you've outsourced your emissions to other countries, including and especially to Canada.

Yup buddy, we're your oil and gas pimp. Canada is the largest supplier to the US of petroleum and petroleum products bar none.

If you've got the inclination to educate yourself on the real issues... read this intro and then follow the links for more.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Misdirection

Sigh. On television, radio, and in print all I’ve seen, heard and read lately is a comparison of US and Canada greenhouse gas emissions growth statistics with zero investigation as to why the numbers shake out as they do:

US: 13%, Canada: 24%+

The group-think goes like this: if the US has lower emissions growth (even though Bush tore up Clinton’s Kyoto pledge) than Canada (which supports Kyoto, we say) ought to have turned in a better performance – but hasn’t = the US leads the world on the climate change story.

That’s just dumb.
Diving In

First, lets remember that the goal is reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, not growth, so any number greater than zero is bad, bad bad. Second, let us also not forget that the US is the largest emitter of greenhouse gas on the planet. Third, lets not forget that a significant chunk of US greenhouse gas emissions are effectively outsourced to foreign producers of petro-energy, like Canada, which the US has depended upon since it became a net importer of oil in the 1970’s.

In yesterday’s discussion Election 2006 – Issue: Climate Change and the Petro Industry we looked at how the decrease in US domestic energy production has led to significant growth in foreign imports, and in particular, how Canada’s exports to the US have grown from 934 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day in 1990 to over 2 million barrels by 2003. The last two years have both been record years as well.

During that same period of time oil sands production went from nothing to almost a million barrels per day. Its important to realize today that oil sands production, despite efforts to reduce greenhouse gas intensity, emit three times as much greenhouse gasses as conventional production. That itself is a worrying reality, made worse by the knowledge that most of the production growth from Canada will come from oil sands production increases over the next decade.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Misdirection... more

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