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Author Topic: Canada's Mideast dream
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posted 22 December 2004 12:03 AM      Profile for Phonicidal     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
REUTERS-Pro-Israel shift could dash Canada's Mideast dream:
Complicating matters for Martin, his cabinet is split over the matter and some legislators in his minority Liberal Party government fear a backlash from Muslim voters.
How important of a voting block are Canadian Muslims that the Liberals are so worried about alienating them? It's my understanding, although this last election there may have been an increase, that Muslims have not been a very powerful political force in Canada. Has this changed? How? Why? And, why would they assume that Muslims would automatically hate Israel so much that they wouldn't vote Liberal?
"We've spent four decades building up a record for being an honest broker around the world. Why on earth would we put that at risk by openly siding with the United States and Israel on the Middle East?" asked a top aide to one minister.
Ah! So, they are only worried about openly siding with the U.S. and Israel. Is this just a game of optics for Canada?
The result was an abrupt announcement this month that Canada would oppose at least two of the many U.N. resolutions passed each year billed as protecting Palestinian rights.
Well, Reuters certainly was fair in saying that the resolutions are "billed as protecting Palestinian rights." The actual aims appear to be quite different.
Paul Heinbecker, who retired as Canada's U.N. ambassador last year, said Ottawa stood little chance of playing an important Middle East role if it was seen to back an unpopular U.S. foreign policy.
Do we want to be popular, or fair?
Mazen Chouaib, head of the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations, said the shift "raises the fear within the (Canadian Arab) community about how Canada is going to move away from international law."
Ridiculous! Canada's recent votes at the UN did not signal ANY change in respect for international law. International law wasn't even on the table.
Some officials unhappy over Cotler's influence leaked to Reuters details of a recent top-level cabinet committee meeting on Middle East policy, which they said he dominated at the expense of Pettigrew, the foreign minister.

Cotler dismissed as "absurd" the idea he was leading a pro-Israeli cabal inside cabinet and said he had suggested to the meeting seven principles for Canadian Middle East policy.

These include supporting the security and well-being of Israel and the "legitimate rights" of the Palestinian people as well as condemning all acts of terror.

Wonderful! Here come the conspiracy theorists, like clowns filing out of a tiny car. Time for some ass-whoopin' Irwin!

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posted 30 December 2004 05:20 AM      Profile for Cueball   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Ahh yes... ye old conspiracy theories about the conspiracies theories.... yawn.
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