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Author Topic: York student arrested in Jenin
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posted 16 October 2003 06:26 PM      Profile for Mycroft_     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
October 15, 2003
For Immediate Release

Canadian citizen arrested by Israeli police; to be deported

Mostafa Henaway, a 23-year-old student from Toronto, Canada was arrested by
Israeli police this morning in the Israeli town of Afula. Mostafa was
subjected to interrogation by Israeli secret service all day and is
currently being held in a jail cell in Haifa, after being told he will be
deported. A Canadian of Egyptian heritage, Mostafa was detained with two
other foreign nationals, UK citizen Claire M. and Swiss national Elsa S.
while waiting for a cab in Afula. Claire and Elsa were later released but
Mostafa was put under arrest because according to the arresting officer, he
"looked like a beatnik."

Mostafa was amongst 11 internationals with the International Solidarity
Movement (ISM) detained by the Israeli military police in the Palestinian
village of Tora Shakir, Jenin, last night while spending the evening in the
home of a Palestinian farmer. The volunteers earlier in the day had joined
a few dozen Palestinian farmers in setting up a peace camp in front of the
gate, part of Israel's Separation Wall, that locks the farmers of Tora
Shakir out of their farmland. The Israeli military forced the peace
activists away from the tent and later police stormed the home of the
farmer, where ISM volunteers were being hosted. "The police arrived,
storming towards the house in a violent manner; they forced all the
Palestinians into the house at gunpoint, yelling and knocking chairs over.
Their commander put off an air of violent insanity and we thought he was
going to shoot some of the Palestinians" said volunteer Ben J.

The eleven internationals were marched in the dark at gunpoint to a
military checkpoint where Mostafa was singled out for violent treatment. At
approximately 10:30PM the Israeli police left the international volunteers
on the side of some highway inside Israel, telling them to "find their own
way", though took Mostafa and dropped him off in a separate location. The
group, unfamiliar with the area, caught a bus to the nearest Israeli city
and spent the night in a public park. In the morning, as they were waiting
for a cab, Mostafa, Claire and Elsa were detained.

The ISM team in Jenin has been working with the farmers of Tora Shakir, a
small Palestinian village besieged by settlements, a constant army
presence, and suffering from the effects of Israel's Separation Wall, which
has usurped much of the villages' farmland. Farmers are routinely denied
entry to said lands, despite assurances by the Israeli military for
reasonable access to their ancestral olive and tobacco fields. Mostafa has
been a volunteer with the ISM in Jenin for the past three months and is a
coordinator of the Olive Harvest Campaign. At home, Mostafa is a student at
York University and a longtime peace and justice organizer. According to
his friend and colleague, Jennifer, "Mostafa is the kindest, sweetest
person I have ever worked with."

For more information, please contact:
In Palestine - Huwaida at +972-67-473-308 or the ISM Office at:
In Toronto - Jennifer at 416-417-8962

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posted 17 October 2003 11:41 AM      Profile for evenflow        Edit/Delete Post
Mostafa was put under arrest because according to the arresting officer, he
"looked like a beatnik."

In a democratic nation like Israel, what other evidence do you need?

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posted 17 October 2003 12:26 PM      Profile for worker_drone        Edit/Delete Post
That'll learn him to leave his bongo drums and black turtleneck at home if he's planning a trip to Israel.

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