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Author Topic: An Arab Perspective on the US-Israel Nexus
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posted 16 September 2003 11:58 AM      Profile for al-Qa'bong   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Arabs (and some Israelis) believe that without American support Israel would have had to reach a just accommodation with the Palestinians. But since the '60s at least the yardstick used by the US to measure the acceptability/goodness of an Arab country has been its government's stance towards Israel. The softer the stance the more 'moderate' or 'friendly' the country has been considered. It therefore came as a shock to the US public that the 19 hijackers who crashed aeroplanes into the Trade Towers and the Pentagon with such deadly results were from Egypt and Saudi-Arabia: countries regarded as 'moderate'. The true albeit unpopular answer to this puzzle is that the more friendly, (ie subservient) a regime is to an America which so identifies itself with (an intransigent) Israel the harder that regime has had to oppress its own people and to close off all their legitimate means of political opposition. This is possibly one of the most terrible effects the American- Israeli alliance has had on the Arab world: that most of the Arab men and women who could have played important roles in developing their countries' civil and political institutions have been de-activated. Some have ended up feeling that the only path left open to them is the path of extremism clothed in the robes of what is now called 'militant Islam'.


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posted 16 September 2003 12:15 PM      Profile for evenflow        Edit/Delete Post
Brilliant article. Thanks for posting.
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posted 16 September 2003 12:29 PM      Profile for Mandos   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Exactly so...I have often said that the Israel/Palestine issue is directly related to the limitations on Arab society in general. In order to safeguard Israel, the popular will of the entire Muslim world must directly be silenced. Israel's freedom, safety, and wealth is bought at the oppression of millions--who hate Israel all the more for it, with dangerous future consequences.
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