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Author Topic: The victim on trial
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posted 20 February 2003 12:50 PM      Profile for Mandos   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post

Then came the furore of anti- Semitism, a charge which everyone knows can only be levelled at Europe during its rise to global centrality, with its inquisitions, ghettos and ethnic cleansing, while Islam has always embraced all creeds, ethnic affiliations and minorities in a climate of tolerance, brotherhood and mutual coexistence, as history readily testifies. The Ramadan television series, Horseman without a Horse, gave the anti-Semitism storm the breach it was looking for. This moving, muddled drama sought to commemorate the Egyptian struggle against British colonial occupation. The intrigue and dash and daring of its protagonist were far from credible and certainly the role of such factors in the actual history was grossly exaggerated. In addition, British colonialism was depicted as the partner of the Ottoman caliphate and the tool of the Zionist movement between 1882 and 1919. Most critics panned the series, but without casting aspersions on the intentions of its director and star. Not so some members of the team of new thinkers who seized on it to condemn the purported taint of anti- Semitism in our national culture.

Meanwhile, it is as if the murder and torture of Palestinians, the demolition of their homes, villages, government buildings, and the degradation, isolation and subjugation of an entire people, are happening in another world. Otherwise the criminal state and the racist society that supports it would be held culpable for that gory serial. Otherwise, we would perceive the relationship between that culpability and the Zionist call to crush Arab power from the Nile to the Euphrates and the relationship between the Zionist call at its inception and the crimes today, whatever might be said about the authenticity of the Protocols.

Yet, once again, stagnant logic, turning in its futile cycle, diverts attention from the criminal to the victim. An Egyptian television serial is treated as if it was a symposium on the authentication of manuscripts. Not that the matter was allowed to rest there. When the US and Israel hurled their charges against the Egyptian serial, its director and its star, Egypt was once again portrayed as a collaborator in anti-Semitism. It matters not that the series of massacres and demolitions in Palestine continues day after day. What matters is that we, the victims -- not the criminals or racists, or Zionism and the Zionists -- stand in the dock where we are compelled to defend our dignity and our values on the world stage.

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posted 21 February 2003 07:53 AM      Profile for Moredreads     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Ironic isnt't it.

Also ironic is the way some people entirely blame attacks on Israel on Palestinian Arab anti-semitic culture, when Israel has ruled the WB and Gaza for the last 36 years. One would think that Israel would have at least a little to do with the evolution of militant culture in the WB and Gaza Strip, over that period.

But know it is self generated-Arab racism that is the problem.

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