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Author Topic: US push for global police force
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posted 28 June 2003 02:42 PM      Profile for Snuckles   Author's Homepage        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
The United States would train and lead an international police force, bypassing traditional peacekeeping bodies such as the United Nations and NATO, under a proposal by the Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld.
The plan, involving thousands of Americans permanently assigned to peacekeeping, would also be a major reversal by the Bush Administration, which has strongly opposed tying up its troops in such operations.

Read it here.

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posted 28 June 2003 03:10 PM      Profile for DrConway     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Oh, geez. This is like Burger King in reverse:

"You will do it our way. Your way doesn't matter."

This really is the newest epitome of USAian unilateralism.

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posted 28 June 2003 03:22 PM      Profile for redshift     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
this is an interesting piece regarding the possible background for the establishment of this force.
"While public attention has focused on the Iraq war as the expression of the Bush administration's new national security policy of pre-emptive self-defense, there has been virtually no public discussion of the far-reaching implications of the administration's new approach to humanitarian assistance and post-conflict reconstruction. These implications include:

Militarizing humanitarian assistance to a degree not seen since the founding of the UN and the expansion of the capacity and impact of global nongovernmental organizations.
Giving the military responsibility for diplomatic, political, and humanitarian tasks that it is unqualified to perform effectively.
Minimizing the contributions of donor governments and independent agencies, since most foreign governments, UN agencies, and NGOs are reluctant to collaborate with the U.S. military, thus vastly increasing the financial and administrative burden on the United States."

" Iraq demonstrates that the new U.S. approach to humanitarian action is unsustainable. While the war was a military success, creating a peaceful and democratic Iraq is proving to be a challenge beyond the resources of the wealthiest and most powerful country on the planet. An honest post-operations analysis of the performance of ORHA, an analysis that NGOs and congressional leaders will insist on, will perhaps reduce the hubris of the Department of Defense and lead the administration back toward a more inclusive, multilateral approach that builds on the positive aspects of the nation-building efforts of the immediate post-cold war period."
one can only hope.

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