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Author Topic: who will wear mike's tattered crown now?
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posted 10 November 2001 01:20 PM      Profile for engieboy     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
so now everyone wants to know (and righyly so) who will replace mike harris and lead the ontario consevatives past their political slip-slide and into (hopeful) oppositional oblivion
(i know i speak idealistically here of the obliviousness of the conservative party, but hey, one can hope right?)
with ernie eves showing interest i wonder what sort of effect maintaining the old order will have on this party that has been slipping lately? one would think they would be looking for sometthing a bit more intriguing in a leader to recapture the hearts, and wallets, cannot forget wallets,
of the 905 and boost falling polls?
so that is why, not as a conservative, but as a fella more to the left than to the right
(clowns to the left of me
jokers to the right)
i would like to see chris stockwell as new pc leader in ontario

think of how fun that would be?
he'd be mouthin' off and raising hell, the opposition could sit back and enjoy the show!

(though i don't underestimate him or the conservatives and their ability to convince hte people of this province of their "positive" (ha ha!) have to give them credit for that, you can't deny that they have been the natural governing party for the last 50 years or so, save a few in political pugatory while mikey built up his mighty force set to conquer the meek and weary, paving parks for his corporate golfing pals and ....argh!

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