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Author Topic: Privatization of health care in Ontario
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Campaign to make McGuinty keep promises and stop privatizing health care

Prior to the last election it looked like we were getting somewhere on key health care issues. The government had begun to stop the era of cuts and privatization that were the legacy of the Harris government. In fact, McGuinty made cornerstone to his last election campaign the promise to uphold and protect public non-profit health care, along with education. He promised, on the front page of the Toronto Star, quick institution of minimum care standards in our long-term care facilities.

But almost immediately after the election promises were abandoned and arrogance set in.

The Health Minister responded with a personal attack on the Ontario Health Coalition after our research report documented the ballooning costs of the privatized P3 Brampton hospital had led to serious bed cuts in the community.

After a 1500 person protest in Hamilton over loss of non-profit services and lay-offs of their home nurses, McGuinty issued a moratorium on the poverty-creating policy of privatization and competitive bidding in homecare. But after promising a serious policy review he refused public consultation. McGuinty’s office has since sent the Health Coalition a letter indicating that he intends to bring back competitive bidding, threatening ten-year privatization.

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It seems silly to me that we even have to commission reports to tell us that P3s are more expensive and going to cost us more money over the long term.

I mean, their hearts are in the right place n' all, it's just that you need to simplify your message.

Stop talking about Thatcher's word trick of privatization and start talking about FOR PROFIT health care. After all, that's what we're talking about here. Introducing the profit motive into the delivery of our health care.

To some degree, there has always been a profit motive in our health care system, but these days it's getting ridiculous. Nowadays, the suits over on Bay St. all want to take their cut on the misery of our province's citizens.

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