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Author Topic: Telus sick attitude to payphones
Brian White
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posted 28 February 2006 10:55 PM      Profile for Brian White   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
There are 2 payphones nearby and both are vandalized (except for the telus signlight.
Can the vaunted telus marketing people please remove their signs from Craigflower st?
The next nearest telus payphone is outside a shop and ..... Card use only. Telus have probably blocked the coin entry. And the problem with that?
Apart from having to carry a card?
Nobody sells telus cards for local phone calls in my area! You can only buy long distance cards.
Plainly, telus are letting the payphones lapse in order to pull in the big bux with cell phones.
Plainly the government should recognize the conflict of intrests and give the payphone contract to another company.
I dont care if it is coin operated or card operated as long as it works.
Currently they dont and phones are very necessary to the economy.
I know of lots of guys who have not much more than 25 cents and a couple of numbers to call every monday for work. The payphones are the glue that keep their lives together. These guys may never have a working cellphone for more than a few weeks in the year but do lots of useful work especially in a booming economy. So, thats the economic arguement. Why is telus allowed to be so slovenly about their job and their payphone contracts.

Any thoughts.

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