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Author Topic: Things That Make Me Sick
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posted 30 June 2004 03:38 AM      Profile for Gnote     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Note: I posted this on the Election 2004 thread aswell, just thought it might get more interest on the prairies.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Gnote:
[QB]I'll admit that I have a bitter taste in my mouth after watching the election last night. So much so that I feel an urgent need to spout some of my misgivings and hear what the rest of you think. So, I present to you the things about Election 2004 that Make Me Sick:

The Religious Right

I live in the Saskatchewan riding of Wanuskewin. For some reason, this riding repeatedly elects possibly the most bigotted man in the Conservative Party. The riding has a large proportion of rural mennonite voters who continually tip the balance significantly toward Maurice Vellacott. I cannot fathom how a group of people that preaches teachings such as "god created all people equal" and then turn around and slam homosexuals, aboriginals and other minorities can justify their own existence.

Stupidity of Saskatchewan Voters

In addition to the bigotry and close-mindedness displayed by the religious right, Saskatchewan also has more than its share of everyday idiots. Saskatchewan people in general vote incredibly stupidly. For example, in the ridings of Qu'Appelle and Palliser, people decide that they don't want the Conservatives to win, so they vote strategically against them. It was a known fact that Palliser MP Dick Procter (NDP) and Qu'Appelle MP Lorne Nystrom (NDP) were the favourites, and so naturally had the best chance of keeping out the Tories. But do you think idiot Saskatchewan voters would throw their support toward the candidate most likely to beat the Tory? NO! They vote for the LIBERALS...candidates who had no hope of winning mind you. But that is the level of intelligence with which we as a province vote. Leading me to my next point...

Scare Campaigns

I think this one makes me want to hurl the most. The Liberal Party took a page out of the Saskatchewan NDP this campaign. [Aside: I have absolutely no respect for the absolutely useless party that is the Saskatchewan NDP and do my best to separate the Federal NDP from them. I don't support the right-wing Saskatchewan Party either, mind you.] The scare campaign that the Liberals participated in this election makes me absolutely sick. It is utterly insulting to my intelligence that the Liberals expect me to throw a vote their way that they do not deserve. What they are saying to me is "Look...I know we don't deserve your vote, but we also know you're too dumb to actually vote FOR someone, so vote against the Tories instead." The negative campaign...this whole idea that we must elect the lesser of two or three evils makes me feel physically sick.

Lorne Calvert

The Premier of Saskatchewan last night came on TV after the results were shown and suggested that it was "funny" how Saskatchewan elected so many Tory MPs given the fact that the provincial government was NDP. News for Lorne: EVERYONE HATES YOUR PARTY. Check that, everyone but those NDP supporers who view Political Activity as a hobby. There people in Saskatchewan that will support this provincial NDP party NO MATTER WHAT it does. And I'm not exaggerating.

and Finally...

The Election Television Coverage

Did anyone else notice that numerous candidates were declared "Elected" and then LOST their seats? One example was Valeri's riding in Hamilton. CTV declared his NDP opponent elected, and then 10 minutes later declared Valeri elected. This whole election and polling process needs to be revisited in my opinion.

Anyway...those are my gripes...anyone care to dispute them or add to them?

From: Saskatoon SK | Registered: Mar 2004  |  IP: Logged
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posted 01 July 2004 02:26 AM      Profile for N-SIGN     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Okay, you're in charge... what do you do about these things?
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