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What a difference 24 hrs makes in Harper's self image. When confronted regarding the Airbus Scandal, with requests to have a public inquiry, he states on National Media, that there will be none. Suddenly there are damaging news about his involvement regarding his name. He immediately calls a news conference and tell the Canadians that he will appoint and a third party to review this. Apparently he needs advice on what to do. Canadians can tell him, have a PUBLIC INQUIRY. His cabinet was told to keep their distance from Mulroney, would it be because there are some old Mulroney people close to him? This could be Harper's Waterloo. The parachute he has on, jumping from the AIRBUS may have holes in it. Well, that will take Canadians minds off PALESTINE AND AFGHANISTGAN, for a little while. What we need is an election, to clean house. I cannot wait for it. I am sure we will hear from our INVISIBLE MP BRIAN MURPHY,attempting to score points, but he should look at his party's Gomery scandal. Participatory Democracy is coming, Canadians will put more NDP in Ottawa for sure. Canadians have had enough of the same old, same old, same old. Time for New Democracy
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