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Author Topic: T.Boone Picket and Warren Buffet - activists!!
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posted 28 September 2008 11:42 PM      Profile for Noah_Scape     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Activists with a message... and putting their money where their mouth is too!!

T. Boone Picket has paid for all those ads on American TV, ads about renewable energy - "anything but oil and gas". WOW, there must be some angry oilmen and politicians who are paid to keep the oilmen happy. Usually, people cannot just get a message out like that, but Pickens has the money to do it.

If people start talking about renewable energy, and if we start seeing that it is a much better deal for ordinary people - cheaper in the long run - then we will be demanding it.

And then there is Warren Buffet buying into a failing bank... I think he is just sending a message that "HEY, the damn MARKET can take care of the credit crisis!!". And, that there is no big emergency as Bush tells Americans. Another lie, exposed. Buffet is spending $5Billion of his own money to do this stunt.

Actually, there are many billionaires, and about 100,000 millionaires, in America - maybe a plan could be to use their money for the solution to the credit crunch? They would probably make a profit from loans and so on. Warren Buffet things so, and he is the worlds most successfull economic forecaster [and richest investor ever - the $5Billion is just 1/11th of his estimated wealth!!

I love it - a couple wealthy old farts doing something cool like thumbing their nose at the establishment!!

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