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Author Topic: Piatkowski - The case for voting your conscience
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posted 19 January 2006 10:32 PM      Profile for Michelle   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Despite the inevitable pleading from the Liberals, progressive voters should not vote Liberal in order to stop the Conservatives. Just because the Liberals' well-documented sense of entitlement now seems to have expanded to include a belief that they are entitled to votes they've done nothing to earn, that doesn't mean they deserve to be re-elected — or even to avoid oblivion.

Scott Piatkowski

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Andy (Andrew)
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posted 19 January 2006 10:56 PM      Profile for Andy (Andrew)   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
My conscience tells me that Harper is the worst thing ever for this country.

I would vote the Bloc if I were in Quebec, the NDP if I was in an NDP friendly riding, and the Liberal if they were the most likely choice to win.

I believe in Edmonton Strathcona all liberals should vote for Ms. Duncan who is surpassing everyone's expectations.

I believe in Edmonton Centre everyone should vote for Anne McLellan.

The most important thing is to minimize Harper's gains.

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Babbler # 7851

posted 19 January 2006 11:51 PM      Profile for ceti     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Green Party Slogan in 2000: "Vote your hopes, not your fears" -- radicals and progressives have often thought in terms of "creative destruction", to first defeat their immediate rivals, and then the Right in a two-step process. However, I'm not sure I have faith in progressive movements in this country to mount the campaign necessary to turn immediate defeat into long-term victory. What's working against this is the media monopolies and moneyed interests (as well as a little thing called 9/11) to keep progressives in their place, while the Right runs riot. The 2000 has led to the current unending darkness down south, and while the Left has revived in the anti-war movement, it has come nowhere near to toppling a regime so esconced in power.

While Canada is different, the same danger lies here, so progressives really have to come together and plan out a strategy come the 24th. I'm amazed and dismayed by how so many people I know are blase about the coming seismic shift, so that they will not even vote on the 23rd, as they find electoral politics reformist (these are the left of the left). This is pretty shocking, as they can't quite see the danger fast approaching.

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posted 21 January 2006 10:17 AM      Profile for Boinker   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
In the workplace there has been discussion. I am voting NDP because I think they are a reasonably fair conduit for the "liberal socialist" agenda. But the question and test for the NDP will be is what happens when the Greens start to make headway? I don't necessarily think they will eat up NDP support. It is more likely that they would take the left wings of the Conservatives and Liberals that are dead set against any "socialist" agenda.

One of the practical political benefits of the Greens is that they are focussed on the environment and avoiding the entire concept of who is more "fit to govern" and the entire left-right paradigm.

The Liberals should be soundly drubbed, as Murray Dobbin's excellent article points out, because they simply misrepresent themselves on everything from deficit slashing to program spending.

We need voters to connect to issues and real life situations like the environment, jobs, public transit, education, daycare and affordable housing.

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