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Author Topic: The US-Iran War, Step 3: Iran Hints At Leaving Non-Proliferation Treaty
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posted 25 April 2006 10:35 AM      Profile for drgoodword   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
STEP 1: Iran signs an oil deal with China worth $100 Billion and a nuclear deal with Russia, locking arms with the big boys of the region.

STEP 2: U.S. President Bush declares a nuclear Iran "unacceptable" and the U.S. military begins to make plans for war on Iran.

STEP 3: Iran ups the ante considerably by threatening to walk away from the Non-proliferation Treaty:

TEHRAN, Iran - AP - Aprl 25, 2006 - Iran's hard-line president said Monday that he is thinking about withdrawing from the nuclear nonproliferation treaty if the U.N. atomic agency tries to prevent his country from enriching uranium.

In a rare news conference with foreign journalists, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also predicted the U.N. Security Council will not impose sanctions on Iran, which is facing a Friday deadline to halt enrichment because of suspicions it is trying to develop atomic weapons.

Ahmadinejad's government insists the nonproliferation treaty gives Iran the right to enrich uranium for fueling civilian nuclear power plants, and he has given no ground in the international face-off.

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BlueBerry Pick'n
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posted 25 April 2006 01:56 PM      Profile for BlueBerry Pick'n   Author's Homepage        Edit/Delete Post
STEP 4: Bush upps ante by scheduling pseudo-nuclear 'bunker buster' test for 2.Jun.06. in Nevada. explosive so large that its ONLY test utility is to simulate a nuclear strike.

why? because the conventional explosives to be used are 700+ tons & TOO BLOODY HEAVY to move. so big, SCIENTISTS have publically protested & issued petitions DEMANDING this be cancelled.

Name of Test: *DIVINE STRAKE*.

Location: Nevada, site named DIVINE HATE.
no shit: this is for freaking REAL

but more creepy, more disturbed than that, it happens just before the media hyp'd 6.June.06... movies are scheduled for release... (The Omen), and they're releasing the heavily publicized & probably completely fictional 'Flight 84" or whatever the number was of the plane that was ostensibly brought down by the fellow passengers on 9/11.

propaganda, demented SCHEDULING...

oh too freaking creepy for words... the rhetoric, the claims that an invasion of Iran will lower the artificially raised oil prices...

oh this is going to be a bad Summer, in the meantime, ... gee, ya THINK???

but prices will be lower when CanadianALLY helps out, right??

Oh yes, I forgot:

Halliburton is the ONLY company to make Tamifu &
The Boston Globe has announced
security companies are demanding employees be CHIPPED for identification purposes...

have a good Summer!
BlueBerry Pick'n
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"Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"

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[ 25 April 2006: Message edited by: BlueBerry Pick'n ]

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posted 25 April 2006 02:37 PM      Profile for Fear-ah        Edit/Delete Post
Originally posted by drgoodword:
STEP 1: Iran signs an oil deal with China worth $100 Billion and a nuclear deal with Russia, locking arms with the big boys of the region.

Where is the PNAC step?

Where was the 'axis of evil' step?

Where was the John Bolton 'recess' appointment?

Where is India and Pakistan in the list?

Where is the Iranian Bourse step?

Hate to think anyone is missing some of the 'baby steps' in all this and that the US has been targeting the Middle East for decades--in fact the Carter Doctrine was invented because of the threat Iran posed to American oil interests.

Also why would Iran signing trade deals with Russia or China be sinister? We have trade deals with these country? Are we locking arms?

um--and Iran 'walking away from the non-poliferation treaty' is a complete fabrication of Iran's position.
It is in fact the US that is trying to get the Secruity Council to impose sanctions on Iran, none of which has even the support of the Europeans at this time, let alone, China or Russia.
Iran has said that it would leave the Treaty IF sanctions were imposed.

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posted 10 May 2006 10:36 AM      Profile for billF     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Not even that worried about it, US, Iran, War I mean. The Bush Administration and Tony Blair’s party is heavily embattled at home and both are loosing support domestically.

Internationally, the US has zero credibility and are doing a fine job of isolating themselves politically while they become less important economically. Koffi Anan has set them up to take the fall when they fail to talk directly with Iran. They will fail to get the language they want in the UN Security Council resolution, if there’s a resolution at all. They have little or no support on the Iranian issue in the General Assembly.

As to the big bomb on June 2nd. Well, they must be planning a smallish nuke if the test blast is only 700 tons. They did post bids to have small tactical field nukes made, but didn’t file with the IAEA to reduce nuclear capability in other arias as required under the NPT. And that my friends, is a CLEAR violation of the treaty by the US. Looks to me like the Pot’s calling the Kettle black.

I do suspect Iran is planning to build smallish nukes, but feel they want a deterrent weapon. Nuclear Pakistan and Iran are not close, western forces are all over Afghanistan, US forces are in Iraq causing or allowing general mayhem. I can’t even fault them ….

Later, eh ….

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