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Author Topic: New Constitution in Iraq.
Erik Redburn
Babbler # 5052

posted 28 August 2005 08:41 PM      Profile for Erik Redburn     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Since Iraq is in the MiddleEast by anyone's definition, here's some critical articles from a variety of sources. Hope these haven't been posted elsewhere already.

Forging a National Pact for a New Iraq
EPIC Dispatch No. 210
August 27, 2005


I. Iraqi Leaders Seek to Break Impasse over Constitution
II. Policy Debate Over Iraq Finally Gets Interesting
III. EPIC Remembers 2nd Anniversary of UN Bombing
IV. Divisions Within Iraq's Insurgency
V. Update on Steven Vincent
VI. Readers Write

I. Iraqi Leaders Seek to Break Impasse over Constitution

Iraqi leaders worked through the week to forge an agreement on a new constitution for Iraq. The draft presented to Iraq's National Assembly just before midnight on Monday heavily favors southern Shiites and northern Kurds -- in both political power and oil revenue -- while offering insufficient incentives to Iraq's Sunni Arab minority. Failing to secure the support of all major parties, particularly the leadership of provinces where insurgents are most active, would have severe consequences for Iraq. Most notably, the threat of Iraq's partition has alarmed Arab leaders in the region (Arab News, 8/24). With the exception of northern Iraq where Kurdish nationalism is strong, most Iraqis support national unity according to polls conducted last year. Most worrisome is a possible partition of Southern Iraq which could lead to a civil war that draws in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, and Syria. Such violence would easily dwarf Iraq's current low intensity conflict. See:

Political Violence Surges in Iraq
Two-Day Toll Reaches 100; Third Charter Deadline Missed.
By Ellen Knickmeyer and Anthony Shadid
The Washington Post
August 26, 2005

Arab League chief 'deeply disturbed' by Iraq constitution
Agence France Presse
August 25, 2005

Playing The Shiite Card
By David Ignatius
The Washington Post
August 26, 2005

Iraqi Draft Constitution
With brief analysis by Juan Cole; actual constitution document obtained by EPIC
Informed Comment
August 23, 2005

Apart from the divisive issues of federalism and the status of women, an issue of increasing relevance is that of oil, its consumption, and its wealth distribution within Iraqi society. How will Iraq's oil wealth be truly equitable among the bickering factions? Furthermore, what are the broader implications of oil politics in general that the U.S. and other nations are facing? See:

Opinion - Mile by Mile, Into the Oil Trap
By Fareed Zakaria
The Washington Post
August 23, 2005

Opinion - Iraqi constitution must deliver oil to Sunnis, or it won't deliver stability
By Edward P. Joseph and Michael O'Hanlon
The Christian Science Monitor
August 12, 2005

From: Broke but not bent. | Registered: Feb 2004  |  IP: Logged
Erik Redburn
Babbler # 5052

posted 30 August 2005 07:36 PM      Profile for Erik Redburn     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Well, those were interesting articles Erik...

Thanks Dude, I thought they might make an interesting diversion from the usual Israel-Palestinian angles for a change, guess I was wrong...

Well you tried, least we now know that this forum is still reserved for kvetching about the tried and true...

Guess so, oh well, the other 99.9% of the world have other issues to worry about too.


From: Broke but not bent. | Registered: Feb 2004  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 10253

posted 30 August 2005 11:16 PM      Profile for outlandist        Edit/Delete Post
Well, I am grateful for your post. As a technopeasant with limited skills but unlimited attraction to having my ass handed to me,I lurk on sites looking for interesting articles to cite. Thanks.
From: ontario | Registered: Aug 2005  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 2440

posted 30 August 2005 11:25 PM      Profile for pogge   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
What's that you say? You want to know how the constitutional process in Iraq is going? I'm glad you asked.

Iraq constitution may change, U.S. envoy says

BAGHDAD -- In a dramatic shift, the U.S. ambassador raised the possibility Tuesday of further changes to Iraq's draft constitution, signaling that the Bush administration has not given up its campaign to push through a charter that will be broadly accepted.
In the drafting of the constitution, the Sunnis had demanded revisions in the document, completed last weekend by the Shiite-Kurdish majority. A Shiite leader said only minor editing would be accepted, because the draft was now ready for voters in an Oct. 15 referendum.

Yet Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad told reporters he believed "a final, final draft has not yet been, or the edits have not been, presented yet" -- a strong hint that Washington wants to accommodate the Sunnis.

Interesting that the American ambassador is telling the Iraqis that their draft isn't final yet.

Oh, and most of the article is actually about violence in various parts of the country.

From: Why is this a required field? | Registered: Mar 2002  |  IP: Logged
Erik Redburn
Babbler # 5052

posted 02 September 2005 08:03 PM      Profile for Erik Redburn     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Thanks for the correction, a "new constitution" is a bit misleading, you're right. I think the civil war that was warned about maybe beginning now.
From: Broke but not bent. | Registered: Feb 2004  |  IP: Logged

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