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Author Topic: Is al-Zarquawi "real"?
Red Albertan
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posted 09 August 2005 02:16 AM      Profile for Red Albertan        Edit/Delete Post
After various fantastic reports, I have wondered myself whether the man really exists, or whether he is the creation of a gigantic propaganda machine.

It appears the Iraqi Resistance claims he doesn't exist... at least not on Iraqi soil, and the 'name' is merely being used to justify indiscriminate killing in certain areas of the country, by invoking 'al-Zarquawi' has been sighted in the area.

Western Propaganda Media try to shut down!

alleged report on recent Rumsfeld-Saddam meeting

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posted 09 August 2005 02:54 AM      Profile for Yst     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
I don't know why people are still in the habit after all these years of giving the American war machine so much damn credit. I find far more convincing the argument that the Pentagon simply isn't really sure in what manner groups adopting the Al-Qaeda moniker are connected, and isn't really sure who, if anyone at all, leads this "Iraqi Resistance" at present or for that matter whether it is unified for the most part or rather anarchic. Al-Jazeera aired a clip which they claimed was Bin Laden declaring Zarqawi the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, if that's anything to go on. It's not much, but in a time of war it's much safer to trust a party's disloyalties than their loyalties, and Al-Jazeera certainly has every reason to be disloyal to American military interests, so I'm more likely to take it seriously coming from them than from pretty much anyone else.

As in Afghanistan, I'm sure the American forces are having no trouble in Iraq procuring individuals who are happy to trade intel for cash or give away 'secrets' under duress. But good intel is quite another matter, and convincing story-tellers in desperate straits are far easier to come by.

If Zarqawi is a propaganda ploy, he isn't one the Pentagon made up on its own, and I'm far more likely to attribute uncertainties regarding him to the utter confusion of American intelligence regarding what the hell they're dealing with than to any clever scheme to erect an ideal Islamic figurehead for the American media to latch on to.

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