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Author Topic: Nakba Denial
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satana said this:

Nakba denial.

Nakba denial like Holocaust denial or any other atrocity denial is meant to harm and incite hatred by blaming the victims for their tragedy. This discussion and all dicussion with people who argue from this fundamentally flawed perspective will always break down as they have always broken down. You can't talk about human rights if people can't agree on what a human being is, and what it means.

on this thread.

I think this subject is worth discussing further. Denial, from what I've witnessed on babble and elsewhere, is essential to the ethos of Zionists. Were decent Israelis to seriously ponder the violence and human rights abuses upon which their state is predicated, they would probably scream in horror.
[edited to give satana credit for his quote]

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Denial and the future of peace
...I recalled that Palestinians who were expelled from their homeland in 1948 and again in 1967, and who are still alive to tell the tale, are nevertheless told it never happened. Thousands of others who have since died went to their graves without seeing their homeland again, denied even the dignity of having a valid history. The ordeal of displacement, of the refugee camps, of eking out a living in alien countries, of separation from loved ones -- all this was ignored. Their collective memories counted for nothing. The physical evidence of their presence in their homeland -- deeds they held to their property, keys to the houses they had owned, photographs and mementos of their country -- were worthless. Their social, personal and political history in the land which was called Palestine before 1948 was of no importance...

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