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Author Topic: Recent information on Iraq
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posted 18 July 2005 07:40 PM      Profile for Contrarian     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
An excellent article by Judith Coburn summarizing informtaion available about Irqi casualties, with links [though an error is mentioned below];
...Human Rights Watch reports that while coalition forces killed more Iraqi civilians than the insurgents did in the early months of the war, now insurgents are killing many more civilians than coalition forces. The Education for Peace in Iraq project, a non profit group of antiwar Gulf War veterans, Iraqis, and others, reports that insurgents are now killing 15 times the number of civilians killed by coalition forces and that the number of civilians killed by insurgents has doubled since the first six months of 2004. Just last week, the New York Times front-paged rare Iraqi Interior Ministry figures showing insurgents are now killing an average of 800 Iraqi policemen and civilians a month...

...The Associated Press, under New York editor Richard Pyle (AP'S longtime Saigon Bureau Chief during the Vietnam War), was the first and only news organization to ask its reporters in Iraq to try to count the civilian dead soon after the invasion...

...AP reporters, especially Niko Price, have stayed on the civilian casualty story...

...Still, a few million Americans in today's antiwar movement care how many Iraqis are dying and are committed to honoring them. When the American Friends Service Committee put its exhibit Eyes Wide Open on the road with a pair of boots for every American soldier who has died in Iraq, it also had a "Wall of Remembrance" with the names of more than 11,000 Iraqis who have died in the war...

The Brookings Institution has a PDF file with all sorts of statistical data about Iraq, including casualties.

Estimate by Swiss researchers that of the 100,000 estimated deaths in the Lancet report, 39,000 were people killed by combat or armed violence. [The focus of the article is on deaths from small arms]:

...Its 2005 small arms survey concluded that conflict deaths from small arms had been vastly under-reported in the past, not just in Iraq but around the globe...
[Coburn said it was 39,000 civilian deaths, but I think she misread the article above when she wrote:
...Last week, Swiss researchers announced at a UN press conference that, using the data from the Lancet study, they estimated that, out of the estimated 100,000 dead Iraqis, 39,000 were civilians who had been killed since the war began...

Chalmers Johnson about the loss of Iraq's antiquities and heritage.

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Babbler # 6477

posted 19 July 2005 06:28 PM      Profile for Contrarian     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
New report on civilian casualties.
The number of Iraqi civilians who met violent deaths in the two years after the US-led invasion was today put at 24,865 by an independent research team.

The figures, compiled from Iraqi and international media reports, found US and coalition military forces were responsible for 37% of the deaths, with anti-occupation forces and insurgents responsible for 9%. A further 36% were blamed on criminal violence...

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