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Author Topic: For US Media, 'Calm' Means 'Calm for Israel'
No Yards
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If a rational, empirically driven Martian were to land on Earth today, the day after 4 innocent Israeli civilians were killed and scores of others wounded in a suicide bombing attack in the city of Tel Aviv, and if he were handed a stack of US newspapers to examine, no doubt he would reach the conclusion that a period of truce between the two warring people of Israel and Palestine, during which peace and calm had prevailed, with neither side having attacked the other, had sadly come to an end, shattered with an attack by the aggressive, warmongering, and powerful people of Palestine against the passive, peace-loving, and defenseless people of Israel.

The Martian would have reached such a conclusion because he would have read headlines such as, 'Suicide Bomb at Tel Aviv Club Shatters Palestinian-Israeli Truce' (The New York Times), 'Attack Outside Nightclub Shatters Truce' (The Washington Post), 'Blast shakes Mideast peace' (The Austin American-Statesman), 'Bomb Ends Mideast Quiet' (The Hartford Courant), 'Tel Aviv Bomber Imperils Truce' (The Houston Chronicle), 'Suicide Bomber shatters Mideast cease-fire' (The Indianapolis Star), 'Attack Shatters Calm in Mideast' (The Los Angeles Times), 'Bombing shatters delicate truce in Mideast' (The Miami Herald), 'Bomb shatters Mideast calm' (The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel), 'Bombing shatters Mideast calm' (The Orlando Sentinel), 'Unofficial cease fire broken by first major attack in months' (The San Francisco Chronicle).[1]

Having reached the obvious conclusion the headlines had dictated, the Martian no doubt would have been shocked to learn that during the period of so-called truce and calm the media was referring to (January 15, the day the new Palestinian president assumed office, to February 25), no less than 31 Palestinian civilians, among them 11 children, had been killed by the Israeli army; that hundreds more Palestinians had been wounded; that the construction of a wall that tore into Palestinian land continued unabated; that the shelling of Palestinian areas by the Israeli army was still taking place just as it did before 'the truce'; that the houses of Palestinian civilians were still being demolished by the Israeli army just as they did before the period of quiet had set in; that land belonging to Palestinians had been officially confiscated right after 'the truce' was announced; and so on and so forth.

Common Dreams dot org

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Well done.
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