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Author Topic: United States and Israel
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posted 20 January 2005 01:35 PM      Profile for David2004     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
The only way the United States and Israel are going to win the self proclaimed War on Terror is by not fueling the fire. In the short history of the United States and the new State of Israel there are many sore blemishes that are only a footnote in history that must be dealt with. Both nations have made great accomplishments that are well documented. Both nations were founded on violence and suppression of the indigenous people of the land. Too often both nations have favored the use of their military forces over their diplomats in resolving their disputes with other nations of people. Both nations claim to be democracies yet they want to dictate their policies onto people of other nations in the name of their national security.

Since 9-11 the United States is becoming a military police state similar to the way the State of Israel has always been since her founding in 1947. The United States is becoming everything we were accusing the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Today many of the world?s nations are in disagreement with the foreign policies of the United State and Israel. The United Nations is the forum many of these disagreements are raised and our response is ?They are anti-Semites? and they ?Hate our Freedom?. This is so far from the truth it is a lie. Without dealing with the realities in the world on the ground we will never find security and we will go broke doing so.

Only with major government policy changes of the United States and Israel will we find peace and security in the world around us. The bar to the Rule of International Law must be level and equally enforced. Moving closer to the Golden Rule ?What is right for one side should be right for the other side too?. We can only correct our mistakes of today and tomorrow. We cannot become a global military police state and have the financial resources to do the humanitarian projects that are need to help minimize the threat of terror. Using our diplomats to influence the evolution of nations of people instead of our military might. The military forces of any nation used against another nation should be if there is a real global conscience of agreement among the international community of nations.

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posted 28 January 2005 11:40 AM      Profile for nister     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
I'm a cynic who believes the US and Israel stirs the pot when it suits. Abu Mazen is proving problematic because he won't take the bait. Israel can't "respond" if unprovoked. In the same vein, Bush can't play Lord Protector without bin Laden at large.

However, Israel may have overplayed their hand. Does the US need a satrap with Israel's sorry baggage when the marines are astride the prized oil fields, and the prospect of a Haifa oil terminal dims?

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posted 28 January 2005 01:02 PM      Profile for WingNut   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Abu Mazen is proving problematic because he won't take the bait. Israel can't "respond" if unprovoked.

He has taken the bait and they are responding.

Abu Mazen is now enforcing a cease fire among his own people. This is well and good and he is promised a cessation of violence will lead to renewed negotiations and the so-called "road map."

However, has Israel frozen settlement expansion? No.

It means Israel can now operate as before at less of a cost.

Also, it was made abundantly clear that Sharon does not intend for their to be a Palestinian state.

Abbas will discover that the Americans and Israel will be prepared for peaceful negotiations for as long as it takes even if it is forever. And forever, for them, is just dandy.

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