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Author Topic: Bullshit Artists, Inc. By Yoel Marcus
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posted 27 November 2003 02:03 AM      Profile for majorvictory     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Ariel Sharon reminds me these days of Chance the Gardener, the star of the movie "Being There,"

Chance's world
revolves around images from the world of
gardening: "Seeds are sown in autumn;" "flowers
blossom in spring;" "leaves turn yellow in the
fall;" "when winter is over and summer comes, the
trees will bear fruit."

The Washington political scene, including the
president himself, is convinced that lurking behind Chance's simple words are incomparably profound political insights and multiple meanings that will solve the problems of the world. He utters a word and everyone thinks he might mean this or might mean that. Altogether, an out-and-out genius.

That's what popped into my head as I heard the
news that the prime minister is planning to
dismantle outposts, maybe even unilaterally, as
soon as next summer. Why next summer? Heck, we
just finished this one. At the moment, it's
fall. Winter will be here soon, and then
spring, and finally, summer. In the meantime,
another year of doing nothing will go by.

Sharon's world is full of rhetoric that sounds
promising. For example, his commitment to
"painful concessions," which people can
interpret however they want. It could mean
giving up territories, but also the opposite:
holding on to territories instead of peace.
That's painful, too.

A couple of months ago, Sharon said it was
impossible to lord over 3.5 million
Palestinians. The pundits melted like butter:
Sharon is finally about to do something big.
But it was all talk. Since then, nothing has

This week, with autumn still upon us, they said
Sharon would begin unilateral action in the
territories. It got a headline, but when the
government convened, it turned out to be a
typical Sharon bubble. All he said was that he
didn't rule out unilateral action, but he
hasn't decided what he plans to do, when he
plans to do it, or whether he will do anything
at all.

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