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Author Topic: Canada a silent partner in Iraq War
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posted 25 November 2003 10:53 AM      Profile for majorvictory     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
The Canadian government's pretense that it did not support the latest Iraq war was repeated ad nauseum by the mainstream media. The ugly reality, however, is that Canada ranked third on the list of nations supporting the

Many other governments, though contributing only a tiny fraction of what Canada did, were at least honest enough to admit their involvement. Canada's government was silent about its role in aiding and abetting this illegal war. It was unwilling to be declared a member of the "Coalition of the Willing," preferring ­ hypocritically ­ to act as if it had taken a principled stand against the war. Amazingly, the Liberal government's public relations experts once again skilfully managed to maintain their party's popular, but illusory, public image of a global peace-mongerer while simultaneously engaging in many blatant acts of complicity in this latest war:

o Leading the Coalition's Navy: Canada led the multinational naval taskforce in the Persian Gulf. Some 1,300 Canadian troops, aboard state-of-the-art, multi-billion-dollar Canadian warships, rallied to protect U.S. aircraft carriers so they could "safely" position themselves to launch air strikes against Iraq.

O Coordinating Air Battles: Canadian military personnel aboard E-3 AWACs aircraft helped to direct the war. E-3 aircraft are mobile nerve centres of modern air war. Canadian crews helped coordinate and manage air battles, and filled command, weapons control and communications roles. Http://

o Providing War Planners: Canadian war planners worked among the war strategists at U.S. Central Command (CentCom) headquarters at McDill Air Force Base, Florida. At least two dozen of these Canadian war strategists moved with CentCom when it relocated to the Persian Gulf, just before the war.

O Providing Military Transport Planes: At least three Canadian CC-130 military transport planes were listed by the U.S. military as having helped to supply coalition forces during the war. Http://

o Parts and Services for Major Weapons: At least 100 Canadian corporations contributed components and/or services for at least 35 of the major weapon systems that were used in the latest Iraq war. Index listing Canadian corporations and the major weapons delivery systems that they provided with components &/or services: Links to data on 33 major weapons delivery systems used in current Iraq war, with Canadian components &/or services In 2002 alone, Canadian contractors sold about US$440 million worth of military equipment to the U.S. The vast majority of this hardware was used in the Iraq war.

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jeff house
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posted 25 November 2003 03:15 PM      Profile for jeff house     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
If one reads the article re: the 3 military aircraft supposedly supplied by Canada, a US official says they took part, and the Canadian government denies it. So, not proven.

I would say, however, that several of the other allegations, that Canadian COMPANIES sold war machines to the US army does not make me think less of the Canadian government decision to stay out of the war. In fact, I presume the sales were complete well before the war began, if in fact Canadian products were found to be used in Iraq.

The materials linked are not clearly sourced; they make me think that someone is extremely anxious to make Canada a participant in the Iraq war; even the third most important participant.

However, if one counted, say ,French and German arms sales to the US, they too could be counted as culpable. To me, this tends to obfuscate important foreign policy differences, rather than elucidate the situation.

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