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Author Topic: Explaining the occupation to the occupier
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posted 09 October 2003 03:24 AM      Profile for majorvictory     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
How can a tiny Palestinian organization like Islamic Jihad produce so many walking bombs, suicide bombers who choose babies in strollers andtheir grandparents as targets? And how does an
organization that once declared it would only
target soldiers send its latest suicide bomber to
mixed Jewish-Arab city, to sow death and sorrow
in a restaurant whose owners, workers and
customers are Jews and Arabs, old and young.

Intelligence experts and
Arabists on our side say it's
because of Islam, which
sanctifies wars, that there is
unceasing incitement in the
mosques, that Iran and Syria
are behind it, that the suicide
bombers and those who send them
are out to destroy the State of
Israel, that the people who

blow themselves up are animals and that Arafat
encourages terror.

There's a concept behind all these explanations,
in which this sickening form of the Palestinian
struggle has nothing to do with the occupation,
that Israelis should not believe Palestinians
who say there is a connection to the Israeli
occupation. The concept says there is no
connection between the proliferation of suicide
bombings and the prevailing view in Palestinian
society, which is that Israel, as a military
and nuclear power, wants to squeeze a surrender
out of the Palestinians that will legitimize
the Israeli takeover of land in the West Bank
and Gaza.

In other words, the concept is that the
historical, political and geopolitical
connections, the sociological and psychological
ramifications - none of it is relevant. The
concept is that there is something inherent to
the heritage of the suicide bombers and those
who send them that is to blame, because the
Palestinians won't give up their dream of
destroying Israel and that Muslims only believe
in the most radical interpretation of their

Israeli society can accept this insane situation
- investing billions in something called
"defense" and then being afraid of primitive
walking bombs made up of a few kilograms of
explosives and nails - because of a belief in
the Israeli intelligence apparatus and the
"objectivity" of its information. After all,
the intelligence officers are fluent in Arabic,
they analyze the speeches of every imam, they
watch all the Arab TV stations that broadcast
incitement, they get their hands on texts that
are barely known to Palestinian writers and
their audiences, and they have personal human
intelligence from all sorts of collaborators
and informants.

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