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Author Topic: War Could Last Months, Officers Say - Washington Post
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posted 26 March 2003 11:54 PM      Profile for pogge   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post

Despite the rapid advance of Army and Marine forces across Iraq over the past week, some senior U.S. military officers are now convinced that the war is likely to last months and will require considerably more combat power than is now on hand there and in Kuwait, senior defense officials said yesterday.

The combination of wretched weather, long and insecure supply lines, and an enemy that has refused to be supine in the face of American military might has led to a broad reassessment by some top generals of U.S. military expectations and timelines. Some of them see even the potential threat of a drawn-out fight that sucks in more and more U.S. forces. Both on the battlefield in Iraq and in Pentagon conference rooms, military commanders were talking yesterday about a longer, harder war than had been expected just a week ago, the officials said.

"Tell me how this ends," one senior officer said yesterday.

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posted 27 March 2003 12:17 AM      Profile for drgoodword   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
The problem for Bush/Blair is...they don't have months.

If this war goes beyond eight weeks without reaching an obvious endgame, domestic and international political pressures to end this catastrophe will be unprecedented, and, I think, unbearable.

If the Iraqis are still making a solid stand by Victoria day, it could very well mean the end of the great Anglo-American Wermacht assault.


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posted 27 March 2003 11:34 AM      Profile for paxamillion   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
So, where are all those immediate surrenders our rightist friends were predicting? I haven't seen a lot of dancing in the streets by the Iraqi citizenry either -- more like bleeding and dying.
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Tommy M
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posted 27 March 2003 11:45 AM      Profile for Tommy M     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
I've figured out what this war is about now, it is to prove that Bush Sr. made the right decision in 91 not to continue into Irak.
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posted 27 March 2003 12:10 PM      Profile for redshift     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Is it really about another son proving to his dad that he can do it better? jeez I've been down that road.
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