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Author Topic: Enemy a liberator
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The men refused to accept that their image of the United States might be distorted by the rigidly controlled Iraqi news media, which offer as unreal a picture of America as they do of Iraq. But when it was suggested that they could hardly wish to be liberated by a country they distrusted so much — that they might prefer President Bush to extend the United Nations weapons inspections and stand down the armada he has massed on Iraq's frontiers — they erupted in dismay.

When the Enemy Is a Liberator

"No, no, no!" one man said excitedly, and he seemed to speak for all. Iraqis, they said, wanted their freedom, and wanted it now. The message for Mr. Bush, they said, was that he should press ahead with war, but on conditions that spared ordinary Iraqis.

The conflict should be short. American

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posted 17 February 2003 09:55 AM      Profile for satana     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
When Gen. Tommy R. Franks, the American commander in the Middle East, visited one Arab palace in recent weeks, Western diplomats reported, the Arab ruler quieted his restive courtiers by predicting that American forces would be met in Baghdad by Iraqis lining the street in celebration. If that happens, anti-American opinions in the Arab world might swing, these rulers hope.
Getting rid of Saddaam and the Ba'th party would be a Good Thing™ for all people in the region, and I'm sure Americans will be welcomed and there will be celebrations. If that is really what they're going to do. How much people's opinions change depends on how many civilians get killed, how many families lose their fathers and sons (all able Iraqi men are now forced to serve the armed forces, and forbidden to leave the country), how well refugees are taken care of, and how well, and fast, the country is rebuilt.

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