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Author Topic: A Marxist's Analysis of the Iraq war
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posted 14 February 2003 02:00 AM      Profile for rbil     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
To Kill Iraq: The Reasons Why by Michael Parenti
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Willowdale Wizard
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parenti seems to be implying that US and British oil companies will take control of the Iraqi oil, but that they won't start pumping it in earnest until Azerbajiani oil is drying up?

The present White House leadership is composed of oil men who are both sorely tempted and threatened by Iraq's oil reserve, one of the largest in the world. With 113 billion barrels at $25 a barrel, Iraq's supply comes to over $2.8 trillion dollars. But not a drop of it belongs to the US oil cartel; it is all state owned. Baghdad has offered exploratory concessions to France, China, Russia, Brazil, Italy, and Malaysia. But with a US takeover of Iraq and a new puppet regime in place, all these agreements may be subject to cancellation. We may soon witness the biggest oil grab in the history of Third World colonialism by US oil companies aided and abetted by the US government ...

If Iraq were able to reenter the international oil market, the Chronicle reported, "it would destroy the huge profits which the United States [read, US oil companies] stands to gain from its massive investment in Caucasian oil production, especially in Azerbajian." We might conclude that direct control and ownership of Iraqi oil is the surest way to keep it off the world market and the surest way to profit from its future sale when the price is right.

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