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Author Topic: Patriots, and other lies
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posted 06 February 2003 05:07 PM      Profile for Kindred     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post Patriot missles have a success rate of 0 % and scud launchers on ground that were reported destroyed turned out to be things like milk trucks, totally launch sites destroyed zero, total scuds hit also zero.

Can anyone ever believe anything that America has to say?

The US reports that support for the war on Iraq is growing ..

In reality there is very little support for their war on Iraq, other than Tony Blair but senior members of the prime minister's cabinet and many within his party are not convinced, and oppose military action, so he is kind of standing alone on his support for the US.

I wonder how much this support has meant in actual bribes given to Blair? I watched a news show last night where one of Bushes minions was informing someone in France that support for the war was considerable and growing in other countries -

Germany, France, Canada, China, Japan are NOT in, neither are Turkey, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia says they might let US use their bases, but they arent on board either, Egypt isnt sold on the deal, Iran opposes a war with Iraq because they think they will be next on the hit list,(Perle gave an even more provocative interview to the Guardian newspaper, in which he said Iraq was only the first in a series of countries that the US would target. Others included Iran, Syria and North Korea.)(Perle declared, “There are some people you can’t do deals with. You could not do a deal with Hitler, and you can’t do a deal with Saddam Hussein or with North Korea)

Jordan has other issues they would rather deal with and isnt supporting this war. Suyria might be interested if it could use the opportunity to press for the return of the Golan Heights from Israel. Australia is considering all the info and Russia is wondering if it would mean the US would force Iraw to settle up the huge debts owed to them - not likely. But Bush says that support is growing ..

I really liked Powells comment ""Saddam will stop at nothing until something stops him," Was he actually talking about SADDAM? Or did he mean BUSH? ....."Given Saddam Hussein's history of aggression, given what we know of his grandiose plans . . . and given his determination to exact revenge on those who oppose him...." Again I must ask - does he mean SADDAM or BUSH?

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posted 06 February 2003 06:35 PM      Profile for cynic     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
I saw that 5th Estate article too, it was a beauty. What was distressing was the comment that no matter how many committees and statements were made proving the Patriots to be totally useless, the general public will likely always see them as complete successes, because CNN told them so.
Its the same technique being used by Bush Jr. to distract the US people from their miserable failures in the War on Terror(TM). Just by constantly harping on Iraq, everyone has forgotten about Bin Laden and why the vaunted US intelligence community is not being held responsible for their stupidity. I've been hearing comments that some large percent of Americans believe the hijackers were Iraqis (!) - why else would Junior hate Saddam so much?
I guess PT Barnum was right after all.

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posted 09 February 2003 12:59 PM      Profile for Michelle   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Moving this to the Middle East forum.
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posted 09 February 2003 04:31 PM      Profile for Kindred     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
These can be shot down by patriots and arrows being installed in Japan and South Korea
Just picked this up from another thread, I mean HELLO??????? Is anyone still subscribing to the patriot fairy tale?

WHEN do we get through the lies and fabrications and get down to brass tacks on this whole mess called the War on Terrorism?

What IS reality? To me it seems to be that Bush wants a war so he can become the mega world power controlling the petroleum resources, thereby being able to leverage ALL countries, including democracies - and no one else wants a war. Except that idiot Tony Blair who HAS to be benefitting somehow - thinking he might be building a retirement package for himself ???

I find it amazing and appalling that otherwise intelligent people swallow this crap whole and believe it -

That display of military power the other day, was that copied directly from Hitlers Hand Book on How to Promote War? jeeeeezzzeeee

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