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Author Topic: Ummm...
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posted 02 December 2003 01:40 PM      Profile for Mitch     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Besides posting in the wrong thread, which someone could have told me at the outset... Why were my threads cut off so short? Does this happen often?

I'm on your side, people. Mind you, I don't adhere to the traditional 'leftist' 'rightist' arguments, but I am a socialist as defined by the WSM.

That's probably about the only hope we have left. God knows the NDP couldn't even run a lemonade stand given the opportunity.

Besides, I am opposed to the state and any form of leadership, but I am NOT an 'anarchist' in the traditional sense either.

Once again, I hope you do not shut me down simply because you do not like what I have to say. It was a very negative first impression
to give. At least the crazies over at Free Dominion never try to silence me.

From: Fredericton, NB | Registered: Dec 2003  |  IP: Logged
Babbler # 560

posted 02 December 2003 01:49 PM      Profile for Michelle   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
Nobody's trying to silence you, Mitch.

If you just read a bit on here, you'll realize that we all know about Free Dominion, many of us have posted there, and many FDers come here and post.

Not only that, but most people familiarize themselves with the various topic areas on a forum before posting. From the main page of babble there are different forums. All you're being asked to do is post your thread in the most acceptable forum.

This thread, for instance, since it is about this web site, should have been started in "rabble reactions", definitely not "the best of babble". "the best of babble" is an archive for threads that have become our favorites over the years.

From: I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell. | Registered: May 2001  |  IP: Logged
audra trower williams
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posted 02 December 2003 01:50 PM      Profile for audra trower williams   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post
From: And I'm a look you in the eye for every bar of the chorus | Registered: Apr 2001  |  IP: Logged

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